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SMS and email reminders for car licence renewal notices

Vehicle owners are reminded that renewal notices for vehicle licences have not been issued in print on paper in the Western Cape since December 2019, neither via post nor at the municipal offices, but an online system has been in place to activate SMS and email reminders.

The Road Traffic Management Corporation (RTMC) has over the past year phased out printed notification across the country and launched electronic notification for all last month (October 2020). This means all vehicle owners whose correct contact details are on the NaTIS online system will in future receive a SMS or email notification on the 1st of the month for a vehicle licence that expires at the end of that month (so, if your vehicle licence expires 31 January, you will receive a notification on 1 January).

There will not be a follow-up SMS and no SMS or email will be sent if a vehicle licence has already expired.

An SMS notice will read: Dear XXXXX, Your vehicle notice number for CAW##004 is (reference number inserted), current amount due (Rand value inserted) as at 01/XX/2020 (date inserted). NaTIS Online Team.

An email notification is an electronic version of the MVL2 notice (the one that was previously printed and posted to you) which can be downloaded and printed if need be, and then presented to the cashier in order to renew the motor vehicle licence concerned.

To check if you are on the system, register as per details below – vehicles in your name will be listed and available vehicle renewal notices (MVL2s) will be accessible for download. If your contact details have changed or are incorrect, please ensure you have it updated the next time you renew a licence at the Vehicle Licencing Department – bring a proof of residential address such as a municipal account in your name with you to enable you to change the details. If your contact details are correct, please consider renewing your licence online (see details below).

Please note YOU DO NOT NEED THE NOTICE TO BE ABLE TO RENEW YOUR LICENCE, it is just a convenient reminder. The vehicle licence expiry date is indicated at the bottom of your current vehicle licence disk and it is recommended that you diarise the licence expiry date in advance to ensure timely renewal. Vehicle licences are valid for a year from the date of renewal and the owner has 21 days from the date of expiry on the disk to renew the license.

The customer starts by registering a profile online at or download the RTMC mobile application for Android from Google PlayStore.

Choose between registering as an individual or business.

The following information will be required:
1. Individual: initial, name, surname, ID number, driving licence number, contact details via mobile phone or email.
2. Organisation: name of business, ID number of proxy, driving licence number of proxy, contact details via mobile phone or email.
3. A one-time pin will be sent to your email or mobile phone number, which you must enter online.
4. Go to the ‘View motor vehicle renewals’ section and verify the information.
5. Access and/or download your electronic motor vehicle licence RENEWAL NOTICE (also known as a MVL2 notice).
6. The amount for the renewal of your vehicle will be on the notice.
7. Pay this amount into the George Municipality ABSA bank account (details below) and use the relevant vehicle licence number as a reference, eg. CAW ###### / Private number ##### WP
8. ABSA Cheque Account number: George Municipality, Cheque Account 01022220981 (Branch Code 632005)9. Email the proof of payment to or AND
10. Keep a copy of your proof of payment in the relevant car until you receive your licence disk, but keep your expired disk on your window in the meantime.
11. Once payment reflects on the municipality’s bank statement, the vehicle licence will be processed, and the new disk will be posted to your registered address. Please do not collect from the MVR offices unless pre-arranged and notified via SMS.

George Municipality Vehicle Licencing Department: 044 801 9310
Western Cape Motor Vehicle Licencing Inquiries: 0860 212 414