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Soup Kitchens still going strong in George

Cllr Erica Brown, Deputy Chairperson of the Community Services Section 80 Committee recently accompanied officials from the directorate on deliveries of emergency hampers to soup kitchens participating in the George Municipal programme. They visited Rosina Gordon, based in Pacaltsdorp who runs one of the biggest nutritional centres feeding between 150 – 250 people per day. The soup kitchens assisted by the municipality continue to  serve around 8000 meals to mostly children and the elderly , three times per week. With the closure of schools on the 30 June 2021,  following amended Alert Level 4 Regulations,  the soup kitchens increased their meals to five days per week again as they had done during the height of the Covid-19 lockdown last year.

Officials including Senior Manager for Community Development: Libraries and Sport, Shanold Marillac; Social Worker, Janine Adams; Community Field Worker, Ashley Booysen and Soup Kitchen Co-ordinator, Veronique Ferndale accompanied Cllr Brown on the visit. The Soup kitchens are monitored on a regular basis, not only to ensure that they are operating optimally, but also to review and check that all Cvoid-19 safety protocols are being adhered to. Aunt Rosina has two adults who assist her at the centre to ensure that social distancing, the wearing of masks and cleaning of hands is observed.  Soup products, fresh vegetables and sanitation products were delivered and the Councillor experienced how the food was prepared and served.

Soup kitchen enquiries: 044 802 2000