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Successful Festive Season Attributed to Close Collaboration with Stakeholders

NSRI lauded the successful management of this past festive season

A notable highlight of the Festive Season Monitoring Committee and operations was the successful collaboration with SANParks and the National Sea Rescue Institute (NSRI) Wilderness. Michael Vonk, Chief Executive Officer of the George Regional Hospital and Station Commander for National Sea Rescue Institute (NSRI) Station 23 lauded the successful management of this past festive season, which was one of the busiest in recent years.

“The close collaboration, teamwork, and partnerships between all role players to ensure the necessary preventative measures were in place, along with a coordinated emergency response were extremely effective in limiting the number of serious incidents on our beaches. Particularly, local law enforcement officials for their rigorous approach to curbing alcohol use on the beaches, together with lifeguards who work long days during the season are to be commended for their tireless efforts in keeping our beaches safe for the public to enjoy,” Vonk said.

Jonathan Britton, Senior Section Ranger for the Wilderness National Park, expressed appreciation for the focused collaboration with the Municipality, contributing to the overall success of the festive season. “SANParks actively participated in the George Municipality-led collaboration that underpinned and guided all planning and operations to ensure that Wilderness is a safe and attractive destination for our visitors and residents. The holiday season in Wilderness sees an influx of visitors spending their holidays enjoying the attractions of the National Park that is interwoven with the town of Wilderness,” Britton said.

“To create a safe and attractive holiday destination in an open-access National Park requires an integrated and collaborative approach between various role players and stakeholders to achieve these objectives. Law Enforcement Officials and SANParks Rangers in Wilderness worked side by side to achieve this common goal. The result of this focused collaboration could be seen in the many visitors and their families enjoying all the attractions and creating lasting memories in Wilderness. We look forward to building on the successes of the past season to have an even more successful season in 2024/2025,” Britton concluded.

Collaboration with the Municipality, contributing to the overall success of the festive season – SANParks