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The George Municipality’s Dynamic Women- Tahseen Raiman

Dear all,

Join us today in celebrating our very own dynamic woman from the George Municipality- Tahseen Raiman
Civil Engineering Services, Manager: Water Distribution (middle management category)
Tahseen is middle management and is relatively new to the George Municipality. Her job is to ensure the efficient running of the Water Distribution Section so that all residents of George Municipality receive potable, clean drinking water.

Part of her job is to make strategic corporate decisions as a member of the Strategic Management Team representing the Civil Engineering Directorate. She is involved in devising new policies, decision-making and in financial and functional planning.

Tahseen manages, controls and co-ordinates all the key performance areas related to the water distribution network within the jurisdiction of the George Municipality in order to comply with the National Standards prescribed by South African Bureau of Standards and enforced by the applicable National Departments (Departments of Water Affairs and National Treasury).

“What makes me special is being a problem solver and proactive in my field,” Tahseen said