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This is how Electricity tariffs will work from 1 July 2022

The approval of the 2022/23 budget in May 2022 by Council has introduced a number of changes as to how George Municipality will be charging for electricity.


  • The ESKOM increase to all municipalities in South Africa is 8.61% and George Municipality has approved an overall average electricity price lower than this for our customers at 7.47%. (Please note you will not be charged the Eskom increase + GM increase).
  • To comply with NERSA requirements, the George Municipal tariffs will be structured as cost reflective tariffs, with changes to how the tariff is made up.
  • The tariff structure changes will include a fixed cost made up of a Basic, and a Capacity Charge, and an energy consumption charge according to number of units electricity used.
  • The Basic and Capacity charges will only come into effect for capacities of 30 Amperes and above.
  • Registered indigent, and poor households will not pay any fixed charges but will need to limit their pre-paid meter electricity supply to a 20 AMP capacity.
  • The new tariff rates will be applied as from 1 July 2022, but implementation of the actual capacity selections capacity limit will be rolled out over a period of maximum two years.
  • You can CHOOSE your Capacity now already if you want to manage your load in your household and know how many kilowatt-hours you consume per month.
  • If you can manage with 20 Amps there will be NO Capacity Charge and NO Basic Charge.
  • If you don’t know what your capacity should be – You don’t have to make a CHOICE right now! George Municipality will look at what you have used as a household over the past 12 months and implement an appropriate capacity selection for you – limited to 40 Amps. The majority of consumers, those using less than 600 kWh/m, should be on 20 Amps (4 600 Watts) as this provides adequate capacity if the load is managed and this will ensure that the price increase will not be more than the average increase.
  • If we choose for you, you will have one opportunity to change the selected capacity again between July 2022 – June 2023 as well as once per financial year thereafter.
  • The fixed costs (Basic + Capacity charge) and consumptions charge are linked to the Capacity you choose or that we select for you.
  • Should you be placed on a tariff with a fixed cost, you will be paying a reduced energy charge per kWh unit. Do therefore not purchase units in bulk before the end of the financial year, the cost per kWh on these tariffs will be reduced.
  • Consumers who require more than 20 Amp capacity will be charged a cost-reflective tariff consisting of a fixed monthly basic charge; a capacity charge depending on the capacity limit of the supply and a reduced energy consumption charge as per Table A.

Do you want to reduce your capacity and save costs?

  1. If you don’t make a decision by 1 July, George Municipality will place you on an assumed capacity based on the historical consumption patterns to a maximum of 40 Amp capacity. This should be more than enough for the average household, but If you want to reduce your costs and you can manage your load / times of electricity peak use every day, you can complete this form here and email it to to change your capacity limit.
  2. You have one option per financial year (1 July 2022 – 30 June 2023) to change your capacity as well as once a financial year thereafter.
  3. Do you want to discuss your energy consumption and find out what the best Capacity will be for your needs, phone 044801 9243, have your Municipal Account Number and Prepaid Meter Number handy OR email your query to
  4. Capacity Application form available at:
  5. for further information and frequently asked questions which will assist consumers in understanding the new tariffs, knowing what capacity to select and how to manage their loads within the selected capacity.