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This period marks the beginning of a new phase in your academic career – you are starting your final examinations. Despite all the challenges that you have faced in these past two years as a result of the pandemic, you have made a series of choices that brought you to where you are today, and we have never been prouder.

You have commenced with what is now the most important exam in your scholastic career, this may result in some trepidation, but this is Normal – all adults experienced this. This should not discourage you – please approach this next chapter with the determination and focus that you have shown throughout your many years of schooling. You are now faced with some more choices that will determine your future. Choose success, choose to be triumphant over every hurdle you will encounter. Make that decision every single time you prepare and every single time you pick up a pen to write that exam.

It will be good to keep calm during the exams. Stay focused and keep your eyes on the prize – to achieve great results that will open doors for you and shape your entire future.

To the Matric class of 2022, this is your moment. Use the time you have been given to prepare, wisely. You have the backing, well wishes, thoughts and prayers of the entire George municipal area behind you. Do not be discouraged, face this challenge, and conquer it.

Good luck to all of you, make us all proud,

Your Executive Mayor, Leon Van Wyk