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Tourism Department puts George “On the Map”

To celebrate Tourism month, George Tourism is putting every tourism business in George, Wilderness and Uniondale on the map  – the Google Map this is – literally!

In the first Tourism Month post-pandemic, George Tourism made a strategic decision to invest in upgrading access to our destination’s tourism service providers.   One means to this end is to ensure that every tourism business that is registered with the local Tourism Office, is successfully uploaded onto Google Maps.

Joan Shaw, Tourism Manager said, “Although we have long encouraged our products to do this, the area remained sorely under-represented on this platform, so we have tackled the issue head-on and tasked an intern in our office, Chulezwa Vena, to upload listed activities, restaurants, and accommodation onto Google Maps.”

The accommodation service provider then also links directly to registered with the site)  and Google Maps displays the listed price of the accommodation establishment, making it quick and easy to book your accommodation online.  In the past month, more than 500 products have been uploaded to Google Maps, making a huge impact on the platform.

If your business is not registered with the local tourism office, please register this Tourism Month, and be a part of the action to improve visibility of tourism products in the destination.

To register, call Lindi Harley on 044 877 0045 or e-mail