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Upcoming Construction of Proefplaas 66kV Substation Phase 3

George Municipality is pleased to announce the commencement of Phase 3 of the Proefplaas 66kV Substation project, located within the Outeniqua Experimental Farm property on the western side of George. This crucial infrastructure development aims to enhance the electrical supply network in the area, ensuring reliable power distribution to residents and businesses.

The Proefplaas Substation was initially designed for two 66/11kV 20MVA transformer bays and seven 66kV overhead line feeder bays. Under the first and second phases of the project, four feeder bays were successfully constructed.

Phase 3 of the project involves the construction of one 66/11kV transformer bay, a 10MVA 66/11kV transformer, 11kV switchgear, and its connection to the existing 11kV overhead line network in the area.

Clinkscales Maughan-Brown has been appointed as the Consulting Electrical Engineers on this phase continuing the project. The construction contract has been awarded to MDL Engineering Company, with work expected to commence in April 2024 and conclude in 2025. Xaks Consulting has been appointed as the Client’s Health and Safety Agent to ensure adherence to safety standards throughout the project.

This project underscores George Municipality’s commitment to infrastructure development and ensuring a reliable and efficient electrical supply network for the benefit of the community.