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Update blue and green bags – 18 January 2021

Blue and green bag pick-up services continue inhouse this week with the help of temporarily reallocated staff while distribution of replacement blue and green bags is expected to commence next week (25 January 2021).

George Acting Director Community Services Allen Paulse said the municipality was separating waste as much as possible, even in cases where black bags were currently being used because residents had run out of green and blue bags. “We have noticed that people continue to separate their waste into garden waste and recycling albeit in black bags. Where it is possible to quickly distinguish, workers are leaving such bags behind for the blue and green trucks to pick up – the latter then pick up everything that is left behind to recycle and compost as much of the loads as possible. Citizens can help by identifying black bags containing recyclable and green waste with blue or green string, stickers or papers.

“We expect receipt of blue and green bags sometime this week and plan to distribute two green and two blue bags per household in participating neighbourhoods on refuse collection days from Monday,” said Mr Paulse.

Black bags continue to be distributed once a quarter, with the next pack of 26 black bags to be delivered towards the end of March 2021.

In the meantime the tender process for the appointment of a service provider for the collection and replacement of blue and green bags is underway and we hope to make an appointment as soon as possible.

We remind citizens that bags must be placed outside on the curb by 7am on collection day.

We thank the many households that have continued to participate in the recycling and composting projects, for buying their own bags, and for wanting to reduce waste with us.

The municipality remains committed to waste reduction.