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Update blue and green bags

George Municipality hereby confirms that the tender process for the appointment of a service provider for the collection and replacement of blue and green bags is underway and we hope to make an appointment as soon as possible.

In the meantime, the municipality has been trying to provide the service in addition to its own schedule, which we acknowledge has had mixed success due to factors such as unprotected strikes, diminished availability of staff due to Covid-19, limited overtime budget to address backlogs and increased workload associated with three types of bags on top of the summer holiday workload.

We will continue to do our best in current circumstances with the resources available to us and have temporarily reallocated staff from other facilities such as the halls, which are presently closed due to Covid-19, to assist with the collection of blue and green bags.

The municipality apologises and shares citizens’ frustration with inconsistencies in the delivery of the service. We hope to address this relatively soon including the distribution of replacement green and blue bags for participating households.

We thank the many households that have continued to participate in the recycling and composting projects, for buying their own bags, and for wanting to reduce waste with us.

The municipality remains committed to waste reduction.

Dr Michele Gratz
Acting Municipal Manager
George Municipality