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The Meul sewage pump station, one of George’s most critical pump stations, which has in recent years experienced frequent and costly breakdowns that threaten the integrity of the sewage system it serves and the surrounding environment, is currently being upgraded.

According to the George Municipality’s Civil Engineering Services (CES) Department, the current upgrade will provide more energy-efficient pumps with higher capacity that meet future flow needs, as well as provide additional reliability by adding an emergency power generator to keep the installation operational during load shedding, amongst other critical upgrades. This upgrade comprises three main components: civil engineering construction, mechanical refurbishment and upgrading, and a new electrical and control installation.

The Executive Mayor of George, Alderman Leon van Wyk was accompanied by the Portfolio Councillor for the Civil Engineering Services: Capital Projects & BFI, Jacqulique Von Brandis recently visited the site to see the progress that has been made so far.

“We have come to visit one of the three pump stations in George, the Meul pump station. The work that is being carried out is more than refurbishing, it’s a total rebuild of this pump station,” said Mayor van Wyk. “These pump stations are 1975 vintages and they have reached the end of their life span; hence we welcome the rehabilitation and rebuilding that is now taking place. Thanks to the National Treasury’s Budget Facility Infrastructure (BFI) award to George last year which makes this upgrade a reality.”

The contract value for the phase 1 upgrade is approximately R31.67 million and this first phase of the upgrade is expected to be completed in the next 12 months. The CES department further confirmed that civil construction is underway while the contractor already possesses the procured generator and pumps. The pump station requires refurbishment to rehabilitate the current equipment as well as upgrading to provide sufficient capacity.

“The civil engineering upgrades entail repairs to the pump station that includes the refurbishment of the internal of the pump station, a new Motor Control Centre (MCC) room, a generator room and permanent backup generator, and a new valve chamber to the rising main and sump modifications,” said Gerard de Swardt, a project manager in the Civil Engineering Services directorate.

The mechanical component includes new pumps, pipework, valves, screens and equipment, while the electrical upgrade comprises electronic and instrumentation refurbishment and new bulk electrical works, a new motor control centre, a permanent standby generator, instrumentation and related cables.

Phase 2 of the upgrade will follow shortly after the completion of the phase one contract and will include mechanical equipment at the inlet works to remove screenings and grit automatically, and the replacement of a portion of the rising main. Site access and security will also be improved as part of the upgrade.

To Watch the Executive Mayor’s visit to the Meul Sewage Pump Station, please follow this link: