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WARNING – WATER SITUATION CRITICAL – Main reservoirs are close to empty!







Large and complicated pipebursts on the Eastern and Western watermains over the weekend of the 2nd October have led to reservoir levels running very low in the past 10 days.

Extensive and twice daily loadshedding implemented by ESKOM over the weekend, and this week has further hampered the water purification process leading to the reservoirs remaining at low levels.

Water drawn from the balancing dams rather than the Garden Route Dam requires additional processes to achieve the best quality and the additional processes reduce the production volume by almost 50%.

The main reservoirs that supply George water are currently mostly below 10%. With no loadshedding we are looking at a minimum of 2-4 days before water supply reaches the correct production levels and optimal water pressure is reinstated.

We ask the public to PLEASE reduce your water usage to the absolute minimum so as to allow the water purification process to catch up to the demand level. This affects ALL AREAS in George and residents will have noted VERY low water pressure throughout.

We apologize for the situation and request your assistance in ensuring that water usage is kept to a minimum.