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19 MARCH 2023

WESTERN CAPE: Today marks seven days since the Western Cape ProvJoints started intense planning meetings in anticipation of the national protest action scheduled for Monday, 20 March 2023. Integrated law enforcement agencies in the Western Cape under the auspices of the ProvJoints (Provincial Joint Operational and Intelligence Structure), are on high alert with strategic and tactical deployments in place ready for any eventuality throughout the Province.

The integrated forces comprising SANDF members, various SAPS units, metro police with law enforcement officials from different municipalities, traffic services and a contingent of private security officials are operationally ready with deployments scheduled to commence at  predetermined times in identified locations.

As part of the ProvJoints operational plan, police officials on foot, horseback, in vehicles and motorbikes with air support at strategic positions are on hand to respond promptly and accordingly to incidents of lawlessness. The deployments will be enhanced utilising the integrated CCTV camera systems as well as other cutting edge technology.

A plea is made to the organisers and participants of the planned action to respect the rule of law as law enforcement officials will not hesitate to take decisive action against those who break the law and infringe upon the rights of others. Ladies and gentlemen, a dedicated contingent of detectives from the South African Police Service will be on hand to investigate reported cases.

Social media users are warned against posting and disseminating inflammatory content contained in videos and messages that seek to incite violence and spread falsehoods.  Law enforcement officials will without hesitation invoke relevant pieces of legislation (Section 14 of the Cybercrimes Act and Section 18H of the Films and Publications Act) in relation to inappropriate social media posts.

In implementing the ProvJoints Operational Plan, Community Police Forum members with Neighbourhood Watches and Patrollers will act as force multipliers and bolster the deployed forces on the ground. An earnest plea is made to community leaders to encourage community members to reject being mobilised to partake in unlawful activities. We further urge community members to be active citizens, working with us as law enforcement agencies reporting wrong doing and criminality.

Community members, business owners, drivers, commuters and any other affected parties who find themselves adversely impacted by actions of the planned protest are advised to contact the following numbers for a prompt and coordinated response:

  • Provincial Government: 0860 142 142
  • SAPS WC POCC:  0800 31 4444
  • City of Cape Town: 107 / 021 480 7700
  • SAPS Garden Route District: 044 803 4455 / 044 803 4414 / 044 803 4415
  • SAPS West Coast District: 087 077 0837
  • SAPS Central Karoo District: 023 302 8326 / 082 302 8326
  • SAPS Cape Winelands District: 021 807 4015 / 082 522 3175
  • SAPS City of Cape Town District: 082 469 1529
  • SAPS Overberg District: 028 313 7000

Planning and situational-assessment meetings with all role players will continue on a regular basis for an integrated and coordinated response to the pending protest action.

In conclusion, the integrated law enforcement agencies under the auspices of the ProvJoints acknowledge and respect the right of individuals to protest as it is after all enshrined in the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa, the supreme law of the Country. However, it is incumbent on the organisers and participants to protest within the parameters of the law thereby respecting the rule of law. Once there is a breach of the law, we as law enforcement agencies will act decisively.