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The 1000mm diameter Glass Reinforced Polymer (GRP) potable water supply pipeline, one of the Western area’s main water supply pipelines suffered stormwater damage during the November 2021 flooding events has been repaired. The value of the repairs is just over R 500 000, inclusive of VAT.

According to Deon de Jager, the deputy director of the George Municipality’s Civil Engineering Services Directorate the November 2021 floods caused a leak to the pipeline, leading to the need for repair and replacement. We have replaced about 6 meters of GRP pipe.

“The work was executed successfully with minimal disturbance to the water distribution system.  The Directorates operational teams ensured that the areas affected by the pipe failure could still obtain water by feeding the affected areas through other parts of the network,” de Jager added.

The Municipality appointed one of the panel contractors ‘a specialist contractor’ to assist the Directorate with remedial measures to ensure that the supply is restored to its full potential.