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Urgent weather alert: Western Cape Government activates Disaster Centre as storm escalates and LOCALS SHOULD TAKE SERIOUS NOTE

Urgent weather alert: Western Cape Government activates Disaster Centre as storm escalates and LOCALS SHOULD TAKE SERIOUS NOTE
Issued 24 September 2023

The Western Cape Government activated its Disaster Centre and the public should be on high alert in George as well. The South African Weather Service is forecasting strong winds, about 50 km/h, for later this afternoon and tomorrow between 15h00 and 17h00, with expected winds of 80-100km/h locally.

The Provincial Disaster Management Centre today after an update from the South African Weather Services confirmed that the approaching storm will be more severe than was previously communicated. A level 6 Impact Warning for heavy rains has now been upgraded to a Level 9 Impact for torrential rains in parts of the Overberg, Cape Winelands, and spreading towards the Garden Route District on Monday, Anton Bredell, Western Cape Minister of Local Government, Environmental Affairs and Development Planning said.

George Municipality asks our residents to take serious note of the South African Weather Services warning issued today. The municipality continues to clear drains and is preparing as far as possible for the expected damage from high winds, together with rain which is expected today and tomorrow.
Important contact details for emergencies:

Fire and Rescue: 044 801 6311 or 044 801 6300

Fire: 044 801 6311 or 044 801 6300

Precautionary Tips to Consider:
1. Look out for objects that could be easily swept up and picked up by gusts of wind. Place garbage cans, patio furniture, grills and other potentially wind-borne objects inside your home, garage or an undercover area where possible.
2. Clean out your roof gutters and remove any objects that could block water from flowing into sewerage drains. The better the water flow, the more you can prevent any damage to your roof and the possibility of collapsing walls.
3. Check the stormwater catchment pits and kerb inlets in front of and around your property – clear any visible debris or contact THE EMERGENCY SERVICES NUMBER ON 044 801 6300.
4. Ensure that all temporary structures are well anchored.
5. Keep your windows shut to prevent them from being damaged by excessive wind.
6. Ensure your vehicle wipers and lights are functioning properly in case you are caught in a bad storm. This will ensure you can see and are seen on the road during the storm.
7. In the event of rain, drive slowly and keep a safe following distance (approximately three cars apart). This allows you to stop in time as the roads will be slippery.
8. If you decide to pull off the road, keep your hazards on so other motorists can see you.
9. Keep your phone charged and keep a power bank on hand to ensure you can stay in touch or call for help in cases of emergencies.
10. Do not park under trees as they can be uprooted and fall on your car.
11. Be vigilant and do not drive across low bridges or intersections that are flooded as your car could be swept up by fast-moving water.
12. George Fire Department has sand available for households wanting to prepare for possible further rain.