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The area remains a construction site and residents are urged to please stay well clear.

George Municipality confirms that repairs to the 600mm diameter raw water pipeline and the 800mm diameter Eastern water pipeline concluded just after 18h30 on Monday, 15 March 2021. Both pipelines were backfilled with sand to ensure they are bedded, i.e. secure in a place, and safe to open valves for water supply to both the Water Treatment Works and residential areas to resume.

The Eastern Water pipeline (drinking water) is currently supplying at full capacity as of 22h00 last night, with most of the affected areas being supplied of drinking water, with the exception of the Blue Mountain Development (BMD). The raw water line will be recommissioned today .

Teams are currently investigating the cause of the disruption to BMD and we trust this will be resolved as soon as is possible. A water tanker has been sent to the area for the use of the residents. All other water trucks have been withdrawn..

George Municipality urgently requests that residents stay well clear of the repair site which is still regarded as a construction site. The heavy rainfall of the past few days together with the side walls being unstable pose a danger and only experienced personnel are allowed within the vicinity.

The clearing of the site and reinstatement of the 450mm diameter Stormwater Pipeline and the roadway will start today, Tuesday, 16 March 2021. Heriot Road between Stander and Spreeu Streets remains closed to vehicles and pedestrians. Traffic control remains in place. The residents of the houses in the repair zone must please continue to proceed with extreme caution and only if alternative access is not possible.

We thank all residents for their patience and goodwill during this unforeseen challenge.