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#gettoknowGEORGE_JANUARY 2023


Each month the tourism section of George Municipality, which represents the tourism offices for George, Wilderness and Uniondale, will be sharing snippets to help you get to know more about all that is available to you and your visiting friends and family.


The town of George is an historically and culturally diverse city with breath-taking natural sites to explore in your free time.

Township Tourism in George
Meet locals and explore South African heritage and culture in communities such as Pacaltsdorp and Themablethu. Thembalethu is an exuberant community located to the east of George and is predominantly home to people of the Xhosa culture but also other South African Cultures and various people from other African cultures. Thembalethu is a Xhosa word meaning “Hope.” Visitors and locals can book a township tour with a local site guide from the community to explore the history of Thembalethu and experience the day-to-day way of life in this vibrant township. In Thembalethu you can discover local crafters who will share their passion for arts and crafts. You can learn about their life stories and become enlightened on various interesting topics relating to indigenous cultures. Locals share experiences, much to the delight of both local and foreign visitors – but beware – this experience is not always for the feint-hearted, as anything from sheep’s head to chicken feet can be found in between more conventional offerings. One local tourism company, Explore Our Hood takes visitors on bicycle tours, leisurely exploring the township. On this tour, visitors to Thembalethu can meet local citizens who aim to share their favourite meals from “braai vleis” known to the locals as “shisanyama’, “vetkoek”, unique street food, and discover a small confectionary shop in the heart of the township.

To book a township tour of Thembalethu contact Mzwandile Gincana on 065 519 8542 or email him on

Dine with a Local, one of the many exciting Thembalethu experiences
Taste true South African hospitality, culture, and local talent by sharing a meal with a local family in their home. Visitors will expand their world through learning about a new culture, experience other cultural traditions and conversate on what makes their community and neighbourhood unique. Meet people from all walks of life while sharing a cultural exchange through painting, singing, poetry and dancing. No two evenings are the same, making each evening special.

Send an email .to to book your seat at a Dine with a Local table in George. Minimum of 4 pax, depending on bookings for the specific date.

Historical Walk in Pacaltsdorp
Discover the history of Pacaltsdorp formerly known as Hoogekraal and established in 1813 as a mission station while walking around the oldest streets in Pacaltsdorp. Walk back in history with a local site guide from the Pacaltsdorp community who will educate you on the KhoiKhoi people, an indigenous race to Southern Africa, and considered the indigenous people of the region. Meet interesting residents who are proud to share their family stories and history of the community. Drive down to Gwaing River Mouth a hidden gem of Pacaltsdorp. Gwaing River Mouth is a beautiful river mouth enjoyed by the locals for recreational purposes

To book the Pacaltsdorp Historical Walk contact Werdi Alaart on 061 047 7474 or email him on

Indigenous rock painting around George
The Outeniqua mountain range in George is named after the Outeniqua KhoiKhoi tribe, who once lived in the mountains. The name “Outeniqua” is said to derived from the KhoiKhoi language and means “they who bear honey’ or “man laden with honey”. Rock paintings by the KhoiKhoi people can still be found in the area. Visitors and locals who are curious to learn more about the indigenous tribes of our town can book a local site guide to view rock paintings in our area.

Contact Melissa Treurnicht on 073 216 7153 or email her on to book a rock painting tour.

Montagu Pass
The historical Montagu Pass will lead you to the Old Toll House, one of many national monuments in George. The pass was named after John Montagu, Colonial Secretary of the Cape in the 1840. This historical dirt road can be found just off the Outeniqua Pass on route to Oudtshoorn. The Old Toll house is a small stone building that collected revenue to assist with the maintenance and repair of the pass. To raise funds for the restoration of the Toll House, it is open for coffee and pancakes on Saturday mornings. Why not support a good cause and enjoy some ‘boeretroos’ with a delicious cinnamon pancake family and friends. For more information contact Gerda Stols on 083 772 8252.

VISIT YOUR LOCAL TOURISM OFFICES Follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

George Tourism
044 801 9295
124 York Street, George Central, George, 6529

Wilderness Tourism
+27 44 877 0045
198 George Road, Wilderness, 6560

Uniondale Tourism
+27 44 518 0030
Virtual assistance
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George Municipality continues to address high water users

Issued George Municipality, 15 February 2022

Following the announcement of the implementation of Water Restrictions on 25 January this year, and to ensure residents have continuous access to drinking water the George Municipality has embarked on a Water Saving Programme. We continue to ask all residents, businesses (including construction companies), schools, sports facilities to carefully review their use of drinking water and to make a conscious decision to cut back on wastage, and the unnecessary use of drinking water.

The Finance Directorate has issued 11 500 SMS to high water users warning them of their excessive consumption and alerting them to the Water Restrictions in place. To date a total of 1500, follow up phone calls have been made to residential consumers to raise awareness of their excess water consumption, i.e., more than 15Kl per household and to ensure that no leaks are causing the excess usage.  The phone calls have identified seven (7) water leaks and two (2) water meter issues.

Reasons given for high water consumption have included: guests over the festive season, more than four people living in a house, more than one household on the property, irrigation systems in place and possible estimate readings. The online submissions of water meter readings are welcomed and can be provided to along with the accountholder’s name, contact details and GRG account number. Account related enquiries may be e-mailed to:

Industrial high-water users have already been contacted to request a reduction of their water consumption. Where there may be a leak on the municipal side, our Civil Engineering teams have attended to do repairs and/or replace water meters that are faulty. The municipality has experienced a backlog in the order and supply of water meters and as we are receiving stock,  we are addressing outstanding complaints.

We would like to thank all consumers who have made a conscious effort to save drinking water and remind them again of the relevant water restrictions in place:

The immediate measures to be adhered to are as follows:

  1. The mechanical or automatic irrigation/watering devices or sprinkler systems for gardens is prohibited.
  2. Gardens may be watered with a handheld hose from 01 September to 30 May during the following period only, i.e.  between 19:00 to 21:00
    Gardens may be watered with a handheld hose from 01 June to 31 August during the following period only, i.e.  between 17:00 to 19:00:

    Mondays and Thursdays for even-numbered households ONLY
    Tuesdays and Fridays for uneven numbered households ONLY.
  3. The irrigation or watering of all sports fields is prohibited.  Exemption from restrictions in the following instances only: golf course greens, bowling greens, and cricket pitches which may only be watered between 19:00 and 21:00.
  4. The washing of vehicles with a garden hose is prohibited, except by a commercial enterprise whose business it is to wash cars.
  5. The cleaning of ANY area by mechanical means or hosepipe using water is prohibited; The use of a bucket is however permitted.
  6. The filling of swimming pools is prohibited.
  7. Where own water from a borehole or reservoir is used, the appropriate notice shall be displayed on the premises, e.g., “OWN WATER”.

Contraventions of the Water Restrictions can be reported on 0800 424477 and will be followed up by George Municipal Law Enforcement.

Any person who contravenes these restrictions is guilty of an offence and is, upon conviction, liable to a fine as published in the annual tariffs list, or six months imprisonment.

In terms of Section 5 of the By-law, any person may apply in writing for the exemption from the provision of any notice published in terms of the By-law, and the Council may grant an exemption and impose conditions in respect of such an application.  The Policy grants permission to the Directorate Civil Engineering Services to approve applications for exemptions.

Application forms for an exemption can be obtained from the office of the Directorate: Civil Engineering Services, Old Town Hall, on the corner of Market and York Streets. Alternatively, applicants can contact Ms G van Niekerk on 044 – 801 9354 / to request that a copy of the application form be emailed to them. The Directorate Civil Engineering Services will consider all applications. A written exemption shall be provided where approved.

Report all water leaks to our Civil Engineering Department on 044 801 9262/66.

GO GEORGE putting dustbins on trial

GO GEORGE toets nuwe vullisblikke Uitgereik Vrydag 21 Jan 2022

Verbygangers mag verbaas wees oor die oënskynlike oormaat vullisblikke by sommige bushaltes in die dorp, met geen vullisdromme by die res van die bushaltes nie. Daar is ‘n eenvoudige verduideliking: GO GEORGE toets tans drie soorte vullisdromme wat uit verskillende materiale vervaardig is om te bepaal wat op die lange duur die doeltreffendste sal wees.
Die vorige blou vullisdromme wat aan bushaltepale geheg was, is beskadig en in so ‘n mate gevandaliseer dat dit verwyder moes word.Om duursaamheid en volhoubaarheid te verseker, en om onderhoudskoste as gevolg van slytasie en vandalisme te verminder, is besluit om ‘n proefneming op vier verskillende plekke te doen en om dit oor ‘n tydperk van drie maande te monitor, waarna ‘n ingeligte besluit geneem kan word oor watter tipe die mees geskikte is vir oprigting by bushaltes.

Die metaal-, plastiek- en betonhouers kan gesien word by die Blanco-driehoek, George-vervoerkern (Transport Hub) in Cradockstraat, en die Beach/Panther- en Fourways-oorklimhaltes, wat almal hoë passasiersvolumes dra en ‘n aanduiding sal gee van die duursaamheid van die verskillende dromtipes.

GO GEORGE ly jaarliks groot verliese as gevolg van vandalisme van infrastruktuur en voertuie en sal hul fokus op hierdie kwessie verskerp met ‘n hoogs sigbare anti-vandalismeveldtog gedurende die komende maande.

Die gemeenskap word versoek om enige voorvalle van vandalisme aan te meld, hetsy klipgooiery of die verniel van skuilings of enige ander infrastruktuurelemente. Die publiek kan die GO GEORGE-inbelsentrum by 0800 044 044 skakel, verkieslik terwyl die skuldiges nog op die toneel is sodat hulle aangekeer kan word.

BYSKRIF (3 foto’s): GO GEORGE toets tans drie soorte vullisdromme wat uit verskillende materiale vervaardig is – beton, plastiek en metaal – om te bepaal wat op die lange duur die beste sal wees.

GO GEORGE putting dustbins on trial Friday 21 Jan 2022

Passers-by might be puzzled by the apparent overkill of three dustbins at some bus stops in town, and none at the rest of the stops. There is a simple explanation: GO GEORGE is currently testing three types of dustbins manufactured from different materials to determine which will be most effective in the long run. The previous blue dustbins attached to bus stop poles were damaged and vandalised to such an extent that they had to be removed.

To ensure durability and sustainability, and to minimise maintenance costs due to wear and tear and vandalism, it was decided to undergo a trial period at four different locations, and to monitor these over a three-month period, after which an informed decision can be made as to which type is best suited for roll-out at bus stops.

The metal, plastic and concrete bins can be seen at the Blanco Triangle, Transport Hub in Cradock Street, and the Beach/Panther and Fourways transfer stops, all of them being stops with high passenger volumes which should give an indication of the durability of the various bin types.

Suffering huge losses annually due to vandalism of its infrastructure and vehicles, GO GEORGE will also be sharpening their focus on this issue with a highly visible anti-vandalism campaign during the coming months.

The community is requested to report any incidences of vandalism, be that stone throwing, defacing of shelters or any other infrastructure elements. They can phone the GO GEORGE Call Centre on 0800 044 044, preferably while the culprits are still on the scene so that they may be apprehended.

CAPTION (3 photos): GO GEORGE is currently testing three types of dustbins manufactured from different materials – concrete, plastic and metal – to determine which will be most durable in the long run.

GO GEORGE toets nuwe vullisblikkeUitgereik Vrydag 21 Jan 2022
Verbygangers mag verbaas wees oor die oënskynlike oormaat vullisblikke by sommige bushaltes in die dorp, met geen vullisdromme by die res van die bushaltes nie. Daar is ‘n eenvoudige verduideliking: GO GEORGE toets tans drie soorte vullisdromme wat uit verskillende materiale vervaardig is om te bepaal wat op die lange duur die doeltreffendste sal wees.

Die vorige blou vullisdromme wat aan bushaltepale geheg was, is beskadig en in so ‘n mate gevandaliseer dat dit verwyder moes word.Om duursaamheid en volhoubaarheid te verseker, en om onderhoudskoste as gevolg van slytasie en vandalisme te verminder, is besluit om ‘n proefneming op vier verskillende plekke te doen en om dit oor ‘n tydperk van drie maande te monitor, waarna ‘n ingeligte besluit geneem kan word oor watter tipe die mees geskikte is vir oprigting by bushaltes.

Die metaal-, plastiek- en betonhouers kan gesien word by die Blanco-driehoek, George-vervoerkern (Transport Hub) in Cradockstraat, en die Beach/Panther- en Fourways-oorklimhaltes, wat almal hoë passasiersvolumes dra en ‘n aanduiding sal gee van die duursaamheid van die verskillende dromtipes.

GO GEORGE ly jaarliks groot verliese as gevolg van vandalisme van infrastruktuur en voertuie en sal hul fokus op hierdie kwessie verskerp met ‘n hoogs sigbare anti-vandalismeveldtog gedurende die komende maande.

Die gemeenskap word versoek om enige voorvalle van vandalisme aan te meld, hetsy klipgooiery of die verniel van skuilings of enige ander infrastruktuurelemente. Die publiek kan die GO GEORGE-inbelsentrum by 0800 044 044 skakel, verkieslik terwyl die skuldiges nog op die toneel is sodat hulle aangekeer kan word.

BYSKRIF (3 foto’s): GO GEORGE toets tans drie soorte vullisdromme wat uit verskillende materiale vervaardig is – beton, plastiek en metaal – om te bepaal wat op die lange duur die beste sal wees.

PUBLIC NOTICE: Drop and Go / Collection Points for Private and Public Transport Vehicles at beaches on 1 January 2022

Issued George Municipality, 31 December 2021

To ensure that traffic congestion is minimised, the George Municipality has made alternative arrangements for the dropping off and collection of large groups of passengers for Public Transport Vehicles (incl Taxi’s) and/or private vehicles.

George Traffic Officials and Pointsmen will be in place to ensure the smooth flow of traffic as far as possible. Traffic controllers are assisting with general parking as well as at the designated Drop and Go / Collection areas at all beaches. Clear signage is in place.

Victoria Bay:1 January 2022: 07h00 – 19h00
All Public Transport Vehicles including Taxis : Drop and Go Area / Collection Point (16h00 – 19h00) at Top Parking Area entering Vic Bay on the left at stop sign.

Private vehicles, Elderly and Disabled ONLY: Drop and Go Circle at the boom.

Herold’s Bay: 1 January 2022: 07h00 – 19h00
Drop and Go / Collection Points are located at the Caravan food stalls and to the left of the Public Ablution facilities. 

No Public Transport Vehicles including Taxis are allowed to park at the main parking area facing the sea.

Motorists are also allowed to park on the verges of the R404 Road entering the beach area provided they are completely off the road and not causing any obstruction

Wilderness Beach: 1 January 2022: 07h00 – 19h00
All Public Transport Vehicles including Taxis:  Wilderness Common Drop and Go / Collection Point (16h00 – 19h00)

Private vehicles, Elderly and Disabled ONLY: Salina’s Drop and Go

Swimming Regulations for Wilderness Beach Area:
Please swim between the Lifeguards Flags
No swimming under the bridges;  in the Mouth of the river due to dangerous streams and deep slopes; left of the Main Beach or at Kleinkrantz due to no lifeguards present.

Map legend
Yellow arrows indicate Parking areas.
Purple arrows indicate Access to Beach
Red Stars indicate Location of Lifeguards
Red Triangle. Area / Access closed off.
Green Arrow indicate DROP and GO for public and Elderly and Disabled.
Blue Arrow indicate Drop and Go for Taxis. Collection Points for Taxis.

ISAZISO SIKAWONKE-WONKE: Ukwehla nokuHamba (Drop and Go) / iindawo zokuQokelela kwiZithuthi zaBucala kunye nezoThutho lukaWonke-wonke elunxwemeni nge-1 kaJanuary 2021
Ikhutshwe kuMasipala waseGeorge, ngowama-31 December -2021

Ukuqinisekisa ukuba ingxinano yezothutho iyathotywa, uMasipala waseGeorge wenze amanye amalungiselelo okwehlisa kunye nokuqokelelwa kwabakhweli beZithuthi zikaWonke-wonke (kuquka neeTaxi) kunye/okanye izithuthi zabucala.

Amagosa ezendlela eGeorge kunye nama Points-man aza kube ekhona ukuqinisekisa ukuhamba kakuhle kwezithuthi kangangoko. Abalawuli bezendlela bancedisa kwindawo yokupaka jikelele kunye nakwiindawo ezichongiweyo ze-Drop and Go / Collection kuzo zonke iilwandle. Iimpawu ezicacileyo zikhona.

IVictoria Bay: 1 kaJanuwary 2022: 07h00 – 19h00
Zonke iZithuthi zikaWonke-wonke ezibandakanya iitexi : Indawo yeZohla nezokuHamba / Indawo yokuqokelelwa(Drop and Go / Collection )(16h00 – 19h00) kwindawo yokuPaka ePhezulu ezingena eVic Bay ngasekhohlo kwindawo yokumisa.
Izithuthi zabucala, abaDala nabakhubazekileyo KUPHELA: Yehla kwaye uhambe ujikeleze kwi-boom.

Herold’s Bay: 1 kaJanuary 2022: 07h00 – 19h00
Iindawo zokuLahla kunye nokuHamba / zokuQokelelwa zikwindawo yokutyela yeKharavani kwaye ngasekhohlo kwendawo yokuGcina uLuntu.
Akukho ziThuthi zoThutho lukaWonke-wonke kuquka neetaxi ezivumelekileyo ukuba zipake kwindawo yokupaka ejongene nolwandle.
Abaqhubi nabo bavumelekile ukuba bapake kwincam yendlela i-R404 engena kunxweme lolwandle ukuba ngaba baphumile ngokupheleleyo endleleni kwaye ababangeli mqobo.

Wilderness Beach: 1 January 2022: 07h00 – 19h00
Zonke iZithuthi zoThutho lukaWonke-wonke kuquka neeTaxi: I-Wilderness Common Drop kunye ne-Go/Ndawo yokuqokelelwa (16h00 – 19h00)
Izithuthi zabucala, abaDala kunye nabakhubazekileyo KUPHELA: I-Salina’s Drop and Go

Imithetho yokuqubha yoMmandla weWilderness Beach:
Nceda uqubhe phakathi kweeFlegi zeLifeguards
Akukho kuqubha phantsi kweebhulorho; kuMlonyeni womlambo ngenxa yemilambo eyingozi kunye namathambeka anzulu; ekhohlo loLwandle oluKhulu okanye eKleinkrantz ngenxa yokungabikho kwabahlanguli abakhoyo.

Imephu ilivo
Iintolo ezityheli(Yellow) zibonisa iindawo zokuPaka.
Iintolo ezimfusa (Purple) zibonisa uFikelelo eLwandle
Iinkwenkwezi eziBomvu(Red) zibonisa Indawo yabaKhuseli bokuphila
Unxantathu obomvu. Indawo / Ufikelelo luvaliwe.
Utolo oluluhlaza(Green) lubonisa UKULAHLA kunye ne-HAMBA kuluntu kunye naBakhulileyo nabaKhubazekileyo.
Utolo oluBlue lubonisa ukuLahla kunye nokuya kwiTexi. Amanqaku okuqokelelwa kweeTaxi.

OPENBARE KENNISGEWING: Aflaai-en-ry / oplaaipunte vir privaat en openbare vervoer-voertuie op strande op 1 Januarie 2022
Uitgereik deur George-munisipaliteit, 31 Desember 2021

Om te verseker dat verkeersopeenhopings tot die minimum beperk word, het die George-munisipaliteit alternatiewe reëlings getref vir die af- en oplaai van groot groepe passasiers deur openbare vervoer-voertuie (insluitend taxi’s) en/of private voertuie.

George-verkeersbeamptes en puntdiensbeamptes sal in plek wees om die gladde vloei van verkeer so ver moontlik te verseker. Verkeersbeheerders sal help met algemene parkering sowel as by die aangewese aflaai-en-ry / oplaaigebiede by alle strande. Duidelike aanwysings is in plek.

VICTORIABAAI: 1 Januarie 2022: 07:00 – 19:00
Alle openbare vervoer-voertuie, insluitend taxi’s: aflaai-en-ry / oplaaipunte (16:00 – 19:00) by die boonste parkeerarea by stopteken aan die linkerkant waar u Victoriabaai binnekom.
SLEGS privaat voertuie, bejaardes en persone met gestremdhede: aflaai-en-ry-sirkel by die valhek

HEROLDSBAAI: 1 Januarie 2022: 07:00 – 19:00
Aflaai-en-ry / oplaaipunte by die karavaankosstalletjies en aan die linkerkant van die openbare toiletgeriewe
Geen openbare-vervoervoertuie, insluitend taxi’s, mag by die hoofparkeerarea wat op die see uitkyk, parkeer nie.
Motoriste mag ook aan die kante van die R404-pad parkeer, mits hulle heeltemal van die pad af is en geen versperring veroorsaak nie.

WILDERNIS-STRAND: 1 Januarie 2022: 07:00 – 19:00
Alle openbare-vervoervoertuie, insluitend taxi’s: Wildernis se gemeenskaplike aflaai-en-ry / oplaaipunt (16:00 – 19:00)
SLEGS privaat voertuie, bejaardes en persone met gestremdhede: Salina’s aflaai-en-ry-punt.

Swemregulasies vir Wildernis-strandgebied:
Swem asseblief tussen die lewensreddersvlae.
Geen swem toegelaat onder die brûe, in die riviermond (as gevolg van gevaarlike strome en diep hellings), links van die hoofstrand of by Kleinkrantz aangesien daar geen lewensredders is nie.

Geel pyle dui parkeerareas aan.
Pers pyle dui toegang tot strand aan.
Rooi sterre dui ligging van lewensredders aan.
Rooi driehoek: Area / toegang gesluit
Groen pyl dui aflaai-en-ry-punt vir publiek, bejaardes en persone met gestremdhede aan.
Blou pyl dui aflaai-en-ry / oplaaipunt vir taxi’s aan.

Newly appointed Senior Manager, Environmental Services for George

Sivuyile Mtila, the new Senior Manager Environmental Services for George Municipality joins us with extensive experience in his field within the Garden Route. He started his career in 2004 as an Environmental Health Practitioner in the Free State. In 2005 he worked for the Inxuba Yethemba Municipality as a Building Inspector. In 2006 he was appointed as an Environmental Health Practitioner by the Garden Route District Municipality. 2010 he was appointed as Chief: Municipal Health Services based in Oudtshoorn. In 2016 he was appointed by the Mossel Bay Municipality as a Senior Manager: Waste Management and Pollution Control until he joined George Municipality on 1 July 2021.

Mr Mtila is a staunch family man, with a B. Tech in Environmental Health and Diploma’s in Project Management and Management. His vision as manager is embedded in Section 24 of the Constitution which promises everyone the right to a cleaner environment which must be protected for our future generations. “I invite our communities to work with the Community Services Directorate in realising this vision.”

Progress on Outeniqua Wastewater Treatment Works Construction

The final phase of pre-construction required for the installation of the mechanical, electrical and instrumentation works at the Outeniqua Wastewater Treatment Works Upgrade  is currently under way with significant progress to date

Several structures were completed in 2019 and included the new concrete structure 10 Ml/d biological reactor, a blower and electrical motor control centre housing facility as well as other site and flow control structures to prepare for the switch over and flow splitting between the existing and new facilities. The contract includes an odour control facility at the inlet works to contain and treat odours originating from this part of the treatment works.

A number of construction activities are currently taking place on site and are mostly civil engineering construction activities in preparation for the awaited mechanical and electrical equipment:

  • A crane has been installed in the blower room for the handing of the equipment during installation and for maintenance purposes
  • Road construction is under way to create access to the new reactor
  • Various cable trenches have been excavated for the upgrading of the electrical system
  • The cone-shaped structure around the centre column in the settling tank has been constructed to prepare for the rotating bridge installation on the tank
  • Excavation is taking place around the inlet works for the indoors skips handling facility, odour control facility and a rock catcher septage receiving structure

The majority of the mechanical and electrical designs have now been approved and orders have been placed for equipment. The delivery of the imported items to site is expected by the end of September 2021. Local suppliers  are busy with off-site manufacturing of steel structures to house some of the mechanical equipment.   A wide range of  equipment to be installed includes;  3 blower units to provide air for the fine bubble aeration system, 10 mixers, 2 Archimedean screw pumps, 4 vertical shaft surface aerators, 3 perforated mechanical screens, 1 hydro conveyor, 2 screenings washers, 1 septage unit, an odour control system and a chlorine gas scrubber plus various minor items. Various pumps, actuated valves and sluice gates are also required.

The existing carousel reactor on site is also due for an upgrade as part of this project  and will predominantly involve the replacement of the aged aerators in the reactor with larger aerators to provide additional capacity. This work is scheduled to begin once the  assessment of the 30 year old concrete and reinforcement steel has been finalised. The assessment will provide input on the strengthening of the existing structure to handle the additional loading of the heavier new aerators. Current indications are that the new plant will be operational by mid-2022 with all  construction completed in early 2023.


The cone-shaped structure around the centre column in the settling tank has been constructed
to prepare for the rotating bridge installation on the tank

Mayoral letter 11 – for 1 July 2021

Mayoral Newsletter for 1 July 2021

This past week we have experienced two contrasting perspectives in the ongoing struggle to restore our local economy from the ravages of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Last week-end saw the holding of the George MUT (Mountain Ultra Trail) where tough trail-runners participated in a 60km event in the Outeniqua Mountains. This event epitomises what we are trying to achieve through sustainable events in George – encouraging and welcoming Tourism.

On the other hand, the country has returned to lockdown 4 regulations of the Covid-19 pandemic as the third wave affects Gauteng that could spread in the Garden Route and elsewhere. Once again, apart from the need for all of us to observe safe health protocols, our economy is facing another setback through the negative impact on events, accommodation establishments, restaurants, etc.

While we deal with the pandemic, it will be useful to plan for the restoration and reinvigoration of Tourism in George and the Garden Route through the systematic re-building of our events calendar so that everyone in our tourism economy can benefit: from our airport, car hire businesses, accommodation establishments, restaurants through to all the retail operations and employees who would all share in the money being spent by tourists visiting the area.

George is the ideal location for a whole range of sporting, adventure and activity pursuits from mountain biking, to running, golf, paragliding, surfing, hiking and much more. Just as the MUT has taken place, other sporting codes are encouraged to actively explore how events can be organised that can attract participants to George.

By way of illustration, the golf and bowls clubs could organise annual events where clubs from around the country are invited to send teams to compete in events in designated weeks of the year. We need to roll-out our hospitality talents where everything that our visitors experience will result in good messages being conveyed across the country. Their visit to George should not only be about a fantastic event and accommodation or the great climate, but also special food and activity experiences. The message that each of our visitors should remember is that they enjoyed their time so much that they wish to return for the same event in the next year and bring their friends along as well. This is how we will grow tourism.

There are many and varied activities that take place around George that can be turned into events that will attract tourists to George. Increased levels of tourism should also spur growth in the various arts and crafts being practised in George.

We need to develop all tourism activities, arts and crafts. Interested parties are welcome to forward their suggestions to so that collaboration opportunities can be explored.


Latest update: 11 May 2021  (current Level 1 amended)

George Municipality hereby confirms that it is open for business, services are being rendered and administration buildings are open except for halls, venues and sport stadiums.

While in-person services are rendered where required, we appeal to the public to consider doing transactions and business online, per telephone or via email to avoid coming to the municipality in person and helping to reduce the risk of spreading the virus. During the Covid-19 crisis period, certain staff may be working from home or on rotation, which means contact details and office hours of some services may differ from usual operations. Please see below for more details per directorate.

Please note access to all municipal buildings by members of the public, when open, is subject to Covid-19 protocols which include registration, temperature-checking, sanitising of hands and always wearing a face mask.

Depending on the size of foyers and reception areas, the number of people allowed into a specific department or section may differ and you will be advised accordingly upon arrival. We kindly request the public to be patient and to allow for extra waiting time.

Depending on the requirements of a specific department, staff are working on rotation or from home, and access by the public may be limited.
Please phone or email as far as possible as per details below.

Switchboard: 044 801 9111
All after-hours George Municipality emergencies: 044 801 6300
General public email for all matters:
Garden Route District Municipality Disaster Management emergencies: 044 805 5071 (all hours)

Protection Services administration offices are closed to the public.
Law Enforcement is open to the public, but limited to the foyer, one person at a time.
Fire emergencies only: 044 801 6311 (all hours)
General fire department enquiries: 044 801 6300
Law Enforcement: 044 801 6350/89
Anti-Land Invasion: 044 801 6310
GIPTN PTOO: 044 801 6345
All after-hours emergencies: 044 801 6300

Traffic Department Offices, Driving and Learners Licences:
Mission Street, Pacaltsdorp 044 878 2400
Open to the public Monday to Friday 8am-3pm unless otherwise announced as per Covid-19 measures.

The department is open for new appointments for driving and learner’s licences as per usual rules (see Driving and Learners Licence section under Protection Services at for details).

Pick-up times for newly issued driving licences from the Pacaltsdorp offices: Monday to Friday 8am to 3pm, except if your confirmation SMS indicates a Saturday collection opportunity. Please bring your ID document and show the pick-up confirmation SMS to the official at the entrance.

Please note that learner’s licences, driving licences, temporary driving licences and professional driving permits which expired from 26 March 2020 up until 31 December 2020 are deemed valid and validity is extended for a further grace period ending 31 August 2021. 

Traffic fines
To pay your traffic fines online, use the account details below and use the traffic fine number printed on the fine as reference.
Bank: First National Bank (FNB)
Account Name: George Municipality
Account Type: Public Sector Cheque Account
Account Number: 62869623168
Branch Code: 210554
Swift Code: FIRNZAJJ

Vehicle Testing Station
Hibernia Street (next to train station) 044 801 9312
Open to public Monday to Friday 8am-3pm, access control from gate at the street.

Motor Vehicle Registration and Licencing
Please note the email addresses for proof of payment of online payments have changed.
Hibernia Street (next to train station) 044 801 9310
Open to the public weekdays 8am-3pm, except Wednesdays when closed at 2pm due to compulsory training, or if otherwise indicated as per Covid-19 measures.
Access control is from the gate at the street, when necessary.

Please consider ONLINE RENEWAL of vehicle licenses as per details below instead of in-person renewals at the vehicle licencing centre as Covid-19 regulations significantly impacts on the amount of people that can be served in a day.Bulk transactions are being handled separately or after hours when required. Pregnant women, the elderly and disabled can pre-arrange preferential treatment by calling 044 801 9310.

While vehicle licence RENEWALS CAN be done online, the REGISTRATION of vehicles CANNOT be done online as RICA requirements stipulate that the owner of the vehicle must physically appear in front of the official and the documentation must be original – this is, among other things, a measure against fraudulent registration of vehicles.

1. The customer starts by registering a profile online at or download the RTMC mobile application for Android from Google PlayStore.2. Choose between registering as an individual or business.
The following information will be required:
Individual: initial, name, surname, ID number, driving license number, contact details via mobile phone or email.
Organisation: name of business, ID number of proxy, driving license number of proxy, contact details via mobile phone or email.
3. A one-time pin will be sent to your email or mobile phone number, which you must enter online.
4. Go to the ‘View motor vehicle renewals’ section and verify the information of the vehicle for which you are renewing the licence.
5. Access and/or download your electronic motor vehicle license RENEWAL NOTICE (also known as a MVL2 notice).
6. If your licence disk is valid but near expiry or if it has expired but is still in the 21-day grace period after expiry, the amount for the renewal of your vehicle will be on the notice.
7. If your license has already expired beyond the grace period, it will not indicate an amount on the system and clients must please phone the George Motor Vehicle Licensing office at 044 801 9310 to confirm the amount due.
8. Pay the amount due into the George Municipality, FNB Public Sector Cheque Account, Number 62869623150 (Branch Code 210554). Use the relevant vehicle license number as a reference such as CAW ###### / Private number ##### WP.
9. Email the proof of payment to Please note the forementioned email addresses are no-reply addresses and are set up for proof of payments only and cannot be used for enquiries. Please phone 044 801 9310 for enquiries.
10. Keep a copy of your proof of payment in the relevant car until you receive your license disk but keep your expired disk on your window in the meantime. Traffic law requires officials to still issue you with a ticket for displaying an invalid disk, but you can appeal the fine and submit the proof of payment as part of your request to have the fine cancelled (details for the appeal process is on the back of the fine).
11. Once payment reflects on the municipality’s bank statement, the vehicle license will be processed, and you will be contacted to arrange collection. Please do not collect unless pre-arranged and notified via telephone – you won’t have to queue in the transaction lines when you collect.

If you want the licence posted to you, please give the person who phones you the address to which you require it posted.

Licences that have not been collected within two weeks from the notification phone call, will be posted to the address listed on the NaTIS system – onus is on the vehicle owner to ensure the correct address is logged on the national system. The turnaround time for online license renewals is about two weeks.

Administration offices (old City Hall) and Customer Services (corner York and Progress Streets) remain closed to the public.
Urgent appointments that cannot be dealt with via online meetings on MS Teams or other electronic means will be attended to by prior arrangement. Please phone 044 801 9354 or 044 801 9277 to obtain relevant email address.

Report water leaks and burst pipes, sewerage blockages, leaks and spillages and urgent road and stormwater issues to:
044 801 9262/6 (7.45am-4.30pm)
044 801 6300 (after hours)
Estimated response times are 24-48 hours from recorded time of complaint at the above numbers.

Services continue as usual and the administration offices are open to the public weekdays 7.45-4.30pm.
Two people are allowed in the foyer at any given time and members of the public will be allowed into offices following screening at the security desk.
Planned maintenance continues and essential repairs for which planned outages are required will be communicated.

Please report power outages, broken street lights and faulty traffic lights to:
044 801 9222 (7.45am-4.30pm)
044 801 9202
044 801 6300 (after hours)
Estimated response times from recorded time of complaint at above numbers:
Low voltage electricity – within 24 hours.
High voltage electricity faults – can be longer than 24 hours depending on type of fault.
Street lights – three to four weeks.
Pre-paid electricity queries to Itron/Ontec: 044 873 5474 (8am-4pm).

Community Services Administration, 82 Meade Street, is open to the public on weekdays 7.45am-4.30pm unless otherwise indicated as per temporary Covid-19 measures.
One person is allowed in the foyer at any given time.

Please contact the specific person via telephone or email as listed below to arrange for online meetings if necessary. Face-to-face meetings with officials by appointment only.

Reception/all departments: 044 802 2900 or
Office of the Director: 044 802 2904 and
Parks and Recreation complaints: 044 802 2921 and
Uncollected BLACK bags 044 802 2900/20/27 or /
Uncollected GREEN and BLUE bags: 044 878 0688/ /
Environmental Health: /
Transfer Station:

Landfill Site and Transfer Station, Airport Road, open to public weekdays 7am-6pm and Saturdays 7am-1pm. Covid-19 protocols in place, bring your own pen to sign in for extra safety.

Street cleaning crews continue to operate in and around the CBD and entrance roads to the city at selected hours, seven days a week.

Public toilets at the CBD taxi rank and Doneraile Square are open every day, toilets at Shoprite are open on weekends.

Please report illegal dump sites to 044 802 2900 or or The municipality appeals to communities to remain safe and to not dump waste, which is illegal and can be hazardous to their health.

Attendance of funerals is limited to 100 persons or less provided that no more than 50 percent of the capacity of a venue is being used. Attendees must observe a distance of at least 1.5m, wear face masks and adhere to all health protocols. Night vigils and ‘after-tears’ are not allowed. Visitation to cemeteries by small groups are allowed at weekends provided that all Covid-19 protocols are observed.

Municipal sport facilities and public swimming pools are closed to the general public but open to sport federations and associations with approved ministerial plans. Most municipal sporting facilities are multi code facilities used by a variety of codes and clubs and this should be factored in when compiling safety plans for the respective venues.

Take note that neither the compliance nor the policing of compliance to the conditions set out for the return to sport is the responsibility of the George Municipality and includes, but is not limited to, the amount of people allowed on the premises, screening and sanitation of those involved, the wearing of masks etc. 
Enquiries Gerald de Villiers 044 801 9488/

Community Development offices behind the Main Building are open on weekdays 7.45am-4.30pm. Contact 044 802 2000 or

The municipality continues to support 129 municipal soup kitchens. Strict social distancing and hygienic practices apply. Emergency essential social services enquiries 072 693 3488.

The Extended Public Works Programme (EPWP) unit is open to the public by appointment only, weekdays 7.45am-4.30pm. Contact 044 802 2010 or to arrange appointments or phone 072 070 7234 for emergencies only.

EPWP Unemployment Data Base Registration and Enquiries: Charlton Van Wyk 044 802 2011/2036
CIDB (Construction Industry Development Board) Grade 1 Registration: Thembakazi Silimeni 044 802 2012
Central Supply Data Base registrations daily at the office but by appointment only as above.

All libraries are open with protocols in place. Opening hours remain reduced and admittance to the George Main Library remains by appointment only, while community libraries are access-restricted based on the amount of people inside the library according to the size of the facility.

A new service is available in which patrons can select books via the online library portal (see details below) and email a list of materials they want to loan. Librarians will make up piles of available materials and arrange a time for collection. You can also phone your librarian to inquire about a book-by-phone service.

Library services remain limited as follows:

Issue and return of books.
Ten books per library member for lending period of a month at a time.
Admittance to adults and children older than 12.
Children’s section is closed to children, but adults can take out books on behalf of children.
Research and reference services arranged by phone and/or email.
Internet services – preference given to pre-booked patrons, maximum two people at any given time.
Study area limited in compliance with regulations.
Wearing of masks and sanitising of hands are compulsory.
Your temperature will be taken before entering the library area, no admittance if it is 37.5C and higher.
Library materials handed in will be quarantined for 72 hours as per national and Western Cape safety standards and plastic covered materials wiped with sanitiser before being made available for loan.

Avontuur Library: 044 752 3351 – Monday 12pm-3pm, Tuesday 11am-2pm, Wednesday and Thursday 10am-1pm.
Blanco Library: 044 870 7047 – Monday to Friday 9am-4.30pm
Conville Library: 044 801 9320 – Monday 9am-4.30pm
George Library: 044 801 9288 – Monday to Friday 9am-4.30pm, Saturday 9am-12pm
Haarlem Library: 044 763 1023 – Monday, Thursday and Friday 2pm-5pm, Tuesday and Wednesday 2pm-5pm
Noll Library: 044 745 1014 – Monday and Wednesday 12pm-3pm, Saturday 9am-12pm
Pacaltsdorp Library: 044 803 9340 – Monday to Friday 9am-4.30pm
Thembalethu Library: 044 803 9260 – Monday to Friday 9am-4.30pm
Touwsranten Library: 044 803 9285 – Monday to Friday 9am-4pm
Uniondale Library: 044 752 1024 – Monday to Friday 10am-4.30pm
Waboomskraal Library: – Monday to Friday 10am-2pm

George Municipality library portal link:
You can search online according to author, title, subjects, keyword, publisher or ISBN number.
Type in your library number on your card to check your library materials status including due date and opportunity to renew your books yourself.


Records are open to the public weekdays 8am-4.30pm unless otherwise announced as per temporary Covid-19 measures.
Central Records Main Building:  044 801 9286/9431/9125/9178
Building Plan Records (corner York and Progress Streets) 044 801 9367
Emergency Records Queries Only: Timothy Craak 082 459 4522


Area offices are open to the public on weekdays 8am- 4.30pm and contactable telephonically  as per below list unless otherwise announced as per temporary Covid-19 measures.
After-hours emergencies to 044 801 6300.

Covid-19 protocols are in place and thresholds apply as to how many people are allowed into each applicable building.

Services available at area offices and service points include reporting essential services faults such as water and electricity problems, all other municipal complaints, account inquiries, indigent applications, housing waiting list enquiries, property valuation roll queries and general inquiries.
Blanco: 044 803 9275
Conville: 044 803 9261
Pacaltsdorp: 044 803 9286
Protea Park: 044 801 9111 ask for extension 2796 (Tuesday, Thursday)
New Dawn Park: 044 801 9111 ask for extension 2797
Rosedale: 044 803 9295
Rosemoor: 044 801 9379 (Monday, Wednesday, Friday)
Touwsranten/Wilderness/Kleinkrantz: 044 803 9280
Thembalethu: 044 801 9448

Thusong Centres reception are open weekdays 8am-4.30pm.
Waboomskraal Thusong Centre: 044 886 0040
Thembalethu Thusong Centre: 044 801 9448
After hours emergencies: 044 801 6300

Community halls and venues are closed to the public. Enquiries to Rozendra Thysse on 044 8019111/5 or and Alwyn Joseph 044 801 9005.
Acting Superintendent Halls: 060 823 3607 (on rotation with Maintenance)
Acting Superintendent Maintenance: 083 418 4588 (on rotation with Halls)

Human Resources offices are closed to the public unless otherwise arranged, HR functions continue. Enquiries to


Human Settlements administration offices are open to the public weekdays 7.45am-4pm. Covid-19 protocols are in place and only two people are allowed into the foyer at any given time.

For basic services (water and sanitation in informal areas) queries and complaints in informal settlements please contact 044 802 2003.
For assistance with emergency structures following disaster (fire, flooding etc) please phone 044 802 2029.
Queries and complaints for water leakages and sewerage complaints (indigent cases)can be reported at the office on above times, but preferably by phone on 044 801 9210/9994/9453 or or

Existing Housing Offices
Existing Housing offices are open to the public weekdays 7.45am-4pm.
Covid-19 protocols are in place and only two people are allowed into the foyer at any given time.
Enquiries: 044 801 9113 or 044 801 9078

New Housing
New Housing Department (St Johns Street) offices are open to the public weekdays 7.45am-4pm.
Covid-19 protocols are in place and only two people are allowed into the foyer at any given time.
Please note only the person making the enquiry will be allowed access.
There may be a waiting period and/or the person can leave their contact details and enquiry on the form provided at the security point where after an official will make contact.
Enquiries: 044 802 2003


Please note Town Planning, Building Control and Property Management offices are closed until further notice but officials can still be contacted by phone or email or can arrange a virtual Zoom or Microsoft Teams appointment with the relevant official to discuss any matters.

Town Planning General enquiries: 044 801 9477

Property Transfer Certificates: Marina Welman / 044 801 9171
Zoning Certificates: Lorraine Malangeni / 044 801 9477
Zoning Rectifications: Jeanne Fourie / 044 801 9138 and Ilané Huyser / 044 801 9550
Illegal Land Use Complaints: Robin Hector / 044 801 9475 and Mawethu Bonga / 044 801 9520
Neighbouring property owner address details: Marisa Arries 044 801 9473


Land use applications
Submit Land use applications:
Town Planning Complaints:
Land use applications can be submitted as per instruction sheets on website. See ‘Covid 19 Level 1 Land Use Applications Submission Guidelines – March 2021’ and ‘Public Participation Instructions Covid 19 Level 1 – March 2021’ on the link

Enquiries land use applications as below:
Erven and farm portions ending with an even number (i.e. 0, 2, 4, 6, 8): Primrose Nako 044 801 9416
Erven and farm portions ending with an odd number (i.e. 1, 3, 5, 7, 9): Marina Welman 044 801 9171 

Building Control
Building plans can be submitted online. See for more information.
Building Control General enquiries: 044 801 9019 / 044 801 9370 / 044 801 9166
Building Control Complaints:
Request for existing building plans (Registration Department):
Phindiswa Lingani: 044 801 9370
Sinazo Moshani: 044 801 9019
Musa Dyakop: 044 801 9166
Status on building plan approvals: Vasti Laws: 044 801 9509
Andrea Griessel: 044 801 9502

Please contact Building Inspectors directly during office hours:
James Vollenhoven: 076 823 0412
Fuzisa Siguba: 083 949 8651

Erasmus Supra: 083 675 4472
Illegal activity: Nolan Noemdoe 083 757 3717

Property Management
Donald Gelderbloem: Manager Property Management 044 801 9073
Leasing of properties: Josephine Mpembe 044 801 9190
Sale of properties: René Hendricks 044 801 9472
General enquiries: Monique Isaks 044 801 9375

Economic Development
Cathedral Square office is open to the public 9am-4pm, strict protocols apply.
Business queries: Joan Shaw 081 412 9995
Other queries: 044 801 2820

Worker Collection Point is open to the public, strict protocols apply.
Worker Collection Point, food gardens and informal traders enquiries:
Amy Kearns 044 801 9173 / 073 621 0099

IDP Office
Closed to the public but contactable during office hours.
Ronel le Fleur: 044 801 9075 / 071 870 7887

Ward committee operations
Closed to the public but contactable during office hours.
Paulina Saaiman: 044 801 9074 / 060 579 6829

George Tourism
Open to the public weekdays 8.30am-4.30pm, strict protocols apply.
044 801 9295

Wilderness Tourism
Open to the public weekdays 8.30am-4.30pm, strict protocols apply.
044 877 0045


The Finance Hall in the Main Building is open to the public weekdays from 8am-3.30pm.
Covid-19 protocols are in place and only six people are allowed inside the Finance Hall at any given time.
Estimated waiting time is 20 minutes depending on the type of queries of the customers ahead of you in the queue.

While electronic payments are recommended (see details below), the Finance Hall is open for account payments in addition to municipal account queries, opening of accounts, new connections, duplicate accounts, arrangements on arrears, indigent applications etc.

Printed municipal accounts are being issued every month. If you have not received your account by the due date of the 15th of each month, please contact us to forward an email copy or pay your monthly average amount. Online accounts via email have not been affected by lockdown. If you want to receive your account via email please mail a request to

Ratepayers are requested to use one of the below-mentioned methods to make payments.
Accounts can be paid via electronic transfer (EFT – see details below), via pay@ mobile applications (see details below) and at Pick n Pay, Checkers, Shoprite, USave and SPAR.
Please take your most recent available account statement with you so that the shop can access the bar code that connects your payment to your GRG account number.


Meter readings
Online submissions of water meter readings are welcomed and can be provided via the below email address along with the accountholder’s name, contact details and GRG account number.

Please note that meter readings are done per area at different times of the month and it is important that your meter reading email is submitted around the same time as your area’s reading time. Please check the date of the previous reading at the bottom of your account to determine your meter reading slot. A new service provider, Electro Cuts, has commenced water meter reading services for George Municipality

Consumers must please note the change in email address  to


Bank Details for electronic payment (please note bank details changed 1 December 2020)
The old account is being phased out so please amend as soon as possible. For now it is still active and payments made so far will have been received.

If you have a debit order on your account, details will automatically be updated. If you have created an account for online banking, please delete the old account and create a new one with the details as below.

First National Bank (FNB)
Account Type: Public Sector Cheque Account
Account Name: George Municipality
Account Number: 62869623150
Branch Code: 210554
Swift Code: FIRNZAJJ
Reference: your GRG account number
Proof of payment to be sent to


pay@ mobile applications
Download Masterpass, Snapscan or Zapper application on your mobile phone and complete your profile.
Load your credit or debit card.
To pay the account, open ‘Wallet’ inside the App you have downloaded and scan the QR code (the black square with the little squares inside it on the bottom right of your account).
Enter the amount you are going to pay and complete the transaction.
The App will confirm your successful, secure transaction.

You can also use the following link for payment of your account:
Click on the link and enter the Pay@ reference number (number starting with 11413) which appears on your account. Your customer information will appear with payment options to choose from.


Prepaid electricity purchases
The electricity token is automatically sent to the client via SMS or email.
Mobile apps belonging to banks also have a pre-paid electricity purchase function.
For prepaid enquiries please contact 044 873 5474.

General enquiries 
to or 044 801 9111.
Please provide your GRG account number with all enquiries.
Please note that limited assistance is available as personnel may be working offline.

Credit Control enquiries:
 044 801 9111


The George Municipal Court is open to the public on weekdays 7.45am-4.30pm unless otherwise indicated due to temporary Covid-19 measures.

Please note the office of the Clerk of the Court is closed every day 1pm-1.45pm for representations and other transactions.
Enquiries: 044 801 9400


Offices are open to the public on weekdays 7.45am-4.30pm (not open over lunch 1pm-1.45pm) unless otherwise indicated due to temporary Covid-19 measures.

Fire: 044 752 1225
Switchboard and fault reporting: 044 752 1024
Tourism: 044 752 1076
Haarlem: 044 763 1013
After hours: 044 801 6300

MEDIA STATEMENT: Update on Ebb and Flow Water failure


The George Municipal 35 000 litre water tanker is stationed at the Superette in Touwsranten and is being used to refill the five water tankers currently servicing Hoekwil and Touwsranten.


The Civil Engineering Department has been battling a pipeburst which started on Wednesday 14th April when the bulk watermains burst near the Wilderness Water Treatment Works. The repairs have either burst elsewhere  along the pipeline or couplings failed due to the high pressure required to force the water uphill through the system.

The current repair site is located at Ebb and Flow on the bridge. The team are working with very old steel pipelines which are no longer manufactured or kept in stock. The repair team has attempted to modify couplings and manufacture gaskets to facilitate the repair, but due to the variable high pressures and unstable ground conditions, the HDPE pipes are not holding with the couplings repeatedly failing.

A permanent solution to the repairs entails the manufacture and assembly of the full length of the failed sections in steel. The work entails the cutting and assembling of precise lengths of steel piping, including a number of specific sized bends and modified or new manufactured couplings. The manufacturing will be completed as quickly as is possible and is estimated at half a day. Following manufacture the new steel piping will need to be installed and tested before the system can become fully operational again.


The site of the pipeline failure at Ebb and Flow Bridge has been secured in preparation for the installation of the new manufactured steel pipes tomorrow.



George Municipality apologizes for the inconvenience and continues with the operation of water tankers to alleviate the water outage.
Water tankers will remain in Touwsranten and Hoekwil until 21h00 tonight and return to site Monday morning by 06h00.

Currently the George Municipal 35 000 litre water tanker has been placed at the Touwsranten Superette  and which will be used to refill the five water tankers currently in operation in both areas.

The water tankers are  stationed at
1. Mountain View Street / Begonia Street;
2. Adonis Street;
3. Jasper Street;
4. Thyz Jacobz Retirement Village (Church Street, Hoekwil) ;
5.  Denneboom Street (roaming).

A smaller civils vehicle will be moving through the streets to ascertain where the water tankers must be moved to as the need arises.
Queries must please be directed to our after -hours number 044 801 6300.



The area remains a construction site and residents are urged to please stay well clear.

George Municipality confirms that repairs to the 600mm diameter raw water pipeline and the 800mm diameter Eastern water pipeline concluded just after 18h30 on Monday, 15 March 2021. Both pipelines were backfilled with sand to ensure they are bedded, i.e. secure in a place, and safe to open valves for water supply to both the Water Treatment Works and residential areas to resume.

The Eastern Water pipeline (drinking water) is currently supplying at full capacity as of 22h00 last night, with most of the affected areas being supplied of drinking water, with the exception of the Blue Mountain Development (BMD). The raw water line will be recommissioned today .

Teams are currently investigating the cause of the disruption to BMD and we trust this will be resolved as soon as is possible. A water tanker has been sent to the area for the use of the residents. All other water trucks have been withdrawn..

George Municipality urgently requests that residents stay well clear of the repair site which is still regarded as a construction site. The heavy rainfall of the past few days together with the side walls being unstable pose a danger and only experienced personnel are allowed within the vicinity.

The clearing of the site and reinstatement of the 450mm diameter Stormwater Pipeline and the roadway will start today, Tuesday, 16 March 2021. Heriot Road between Stander and Spreeu Streets remains closed to vehicles and pedestrians. Traffic control remains in place. The residents of the houses in the repair zone must please continue to proceed with extreme caution and only if alternative access is not possible.

We thank all residents for their patience and goodwill during this unforeseen challenge.

Joint project on Illegal Dumping Awareness with George Municipality and Garden Route District Municipality

Link to video on illegal dumping  GRDM

What is illegal dumping?
Illegal dumping is an ything you throw away in a place where it does not belong.
· If you know who is dumping illegally, report them to 044 801 6350 or or 044 801 6300 (a/h).
· Information that will help the case for a warning or fine: car description and/or registration number, address of alleged perpetrator, type of waste and address of where it was dumped. A cellphone photo of dumping in action will help, but is not essential.
· Report dumped waste for collection to 044 802 2900 or 044 801 6300 (a/h).


If you throw your junk just anywhere, it will eventually become your problem some way or another. It can make you sick or kill you.

George Library Services Diabetes Awareness Month

In South Africa, it is estimated that 3.85 million South Africans suffer from diabetes, with many remaining undiagnosed.

Type 2 diabetes can be treated when diagnosed early. Diabetes is a silent disease. You may not know you have it or think it’s not serious. But in the background, it’s causing damage to your blood vessels, and that can lead to a heart attack, stroke, renal failure, blindness – you could even lose a limb.

James De Waal, Senior Librarian Branch Libraries discusses the topic of Diabetes with Mrs Steenkamp, Dietician at the Diabetes Centre of Excellence, George.

Garden Route Dam raising of spillway and dam wall wins national award

George Municipality congratulated Zutari Engineering Consultants, formerly known as Aurecon, for winning the Technical Excellence category at the South African Institute of Civil Engineering (SAICE) Awards last night for its work on the raising of the spillway and dam wall of the Garden Route Dam outside George.

George Municipality Director Civil Engineering Services Regenald Wesso said the Garden Route Dam was the main source of potable water for the city and its capacity had become a concern as the municipal area continued to grow exponentially. “Aurecon devised a novel duckbill-shaped spillway that allowed for the dam’s existing storage capacity to be increased by 25% while increasing the dam’s discharge capacity and thus improving the dam’s safety.

“We are proud to be associated with such an excellent team, which not only delivered an outstanding product but did so on time and within budget,” said Mr Wesso.

George Municipality Portfolio Councillor Civil Engineering Services Jacqulique von Brandis said the raised spillway and dam wall project proved that practical and cost-effective solutions to infrastructure development were possible without compromising on quality and effectivity. “Congratulations to Zutari (Aurecon) – for George this is much more than an award-winner, it is an extension of one of the city’s most important resources: water,” said Ms Von Brandis.

The Garden Route Dam spillway and wall project was completed in January 2020 and increased the dam storage capacity by 25% from 10 million cubic metres to an estimated new capacity of 12,5 milion cubic metres.

Good rainfall over the past few months have filled the dam to its old capacity in early October (2020) and is currently at an estimated 85% of the new capacity. The process of calibrating the dam’s new capacity is underway. It is unknown how quickly the additional dam capacity will fill up, especially taking into consideration that the ‘new’ top edge of the dam is wider and the incline flatter than before.

Criteria for the Technical Excellence category of the SAICE Awards:
• Portray the art and science of civil engineering to the general public
• Indicate how the profession finds answers to challenging demands
• Display unique or unusual features
• Demonstrate functional efficiency, economic contribution and service of mankind
• Demonstrate some notable advance in the solution of engineering problems
• Show particular aesthetic appeal
• Display engineering ingenuity in analysis or design and/or in construction technique
• Had successful handling of impacts on the environment
• Be well managed, finishing on time and within budget

Project details:
The previous Garden Route spillway was 25m wide, which was extended to 80m by curving the spillway in the upstream direction. The new spillway consists of a reinforced concrete cantilever structure, which is unusual for hydraulic structures of this type, as these are normally self-stable by their mass. To enhance the stability, the structure is provided with rockfill on the upstream side of the wall footing, in addition to rock anchors.

Although the full supply level (FSL) of the dam was raised by 2.5 m, due to the local terrain the tallest portion of the new spillway wall is 4.9 m tall. A total of 1,780 m3 of concrete was used (750 m3 mass concrete, 300 m3 for the walls, 390 m3 for the wall footing, and 340 m3 for the channel).

The main dam wall was also raised by 1.76m to prevent overtopping by placing earth fill on top of the existing embankment. Selected material was placed as follows: general fill (12,500 m3), rip-rap (2,500 m3), filter sand (750 m3), and topsoil (2,050 m3).

The Garden Route Dam spillway and wall photographed upon completion in January 2020.