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Tag: #ScreenHerSaveHer

Councillors support #ScreenHerSaveHer


In support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month taking place 1 – 31 October 2020, Deputy Mayor Charlotte Clarke together with a delegation of female councillors joined Leon Van Der Vyfer of Keystone Medical this morning to take a closer look at the inner workings of their Mobile Breast Cancer Screening Unit currently located in the grounds of the NG Church, Courtenay Street.

Breast Cancer is the most common cancer in women of all races with a lifetime risk of 1 in 27 in South Africa and early detection of the condition can lead to effective treatment and a positive prognosis. About 90% of patients survive for many years after diagnosis when breast cancer is detected at the early stages. Regular self-breast examination and regular mammograms are the key to early detection.

The mobile unit is imported from Germany and contains state of the art equipment run by an all female staff to ensure the comfort and privacy of female clients. The unit is the first mobile breast cancer screening unit of its kind in Africa and George is the first city Keystone Medical has visited as part of their public outreach programme to amplify the message of #ScreenHerSaveHer, together we can make a difference! The mobile unit returns to Johannesburg on the 10 October.

In the photograph from left to right are Leon van Der Vyfer, Keystone Medical; Kathryn Du Plessis, Sonagrapher Keystone Medical; Liza-Mari Carroll, Mammogram TechnicianKeystone Medical; Deputy Mayor Charlotte Clarke; Cllr Iona Kritzinger; Cllr Jacqulique Von Brandis; Cllr Erica Brown and Cllr Nosicelo Mbete.