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Empowering Businesses with Instant Data Insights – new  Bulk Meter Access Portal for George!

In the contemporary business landscape, the significance of real-time data and transparency has transcended convenience, expanding into the realm of operational optimisation, cost prediction, and the avoidance of unforeseen financial surprises. In light of this, the George Municipality is proud to introduce its Bulk Meter Access Portal. This powerful tool offers a comprehensive view of their electricity consumption, enabling informed decision-making and driving enhanced profitability.

In today’s business world, having up-to-the-minute information is critical to success. That’s why George Municipality is excited to unveil the Bulk Meter Access Portal. This powerful tool helps businesses keep a close eye on their electricity use and make smarter decisions, ultimately boosting profits.

According to Mr. Bongani Mandla, the director of electrotechnical services at George Municipality, this new portal lets businesses, that is our bulk and SSEG customers registered with the municipality, see precisely how much electricity they’re using whenever they want.

“Imagine having a dashboard that shows not only how much electricity is being consumed right now, but also how much was used in the past. This helps companies plan better and avoid surprises in their bills,” says Mandla

This new portal is made possible by Open Access Energy. George Municipality was the first electricity provider in the country to pilot Amptera, Open Access Energy’s freely licensed software solution that automates the reading, processing, and billing of electricity smart meter data.

Easy Access for Property Owners

This portal is designed for property owners in the George Municipality area who use bulk meters. Getting started is a breeze. Just go to and fill out a short form.

Top-Notch Security

“Making sure your information is safe is a big deal,” says Gerjo Hoffman, Chief-Executive-Officer and co-founder of Open Access Energy, the company that developed this software solution.

“We’ve set up a super strong security system. It’s like the security systems banks use to keep your money safe,” says Hoffman.  When signing up another email will explain next steps to follow.

Seeing Your Electricity Info

Once the unique key has been received and activated, customers can use it to unlock the portal at Inside, they’ll find a bunch of great helpful information. They can see how much electricity they’ve used over time, including right now. They can also check how much their bill will be for the month. If they need info about other meters, they can request that too.

Getting Help Fast

George Municipality wants to make sure everything goes smoothly. If customers have any problems or are not receiving the emails mentioned above, they can contact Derek Baxter on for assistance.

Making Better Choices with Data

In today’s world, knowing your numbers is super important. That’s where the Bulk Meter Access Portal comes in. It gives businesses all the necessary information to use electricity wisely and save money. Instead of just guessing, companies can now make decisions based on actual facts.



Career Readiness training targets the LGBTIQ+ Community for the job market

On the photo: Job readiness session in Touwsranten

The Special Programs Desk from George Municipality hosted two Career Readiness training sessions aimed to educate members of the public with skills that will better equip them for the job market. The training took place on 22 and 23 August 2023 in Touwsranten (Ward 4) and Lawaaikamp (Ward 7), respectively.

According to Sophia Fanelo the Manager for Community Development in the George Municipality, various skills were shared amongst the attendees such as how to draw up a CV, how to conduct yourself during an interview, how to dress etc. “Although the training was open to the general members of the public, the target group was the vulnerable population within the communities including the LGBTIQ+ Community. This community was specifically targeted since it is often marginalised and discriminated against when it comes to employment opportunities,” Fanelo said.

“Sensitisation also took place to educate and inform the partners which includes local and governmental organisations on the rights and existence of transgender persons. This is also a strategy to bring about change and to champion Legal Gender Recognition within corporate workplaces,” she added.

A follow-up workshop will take place and this session will focus on drawing up a map of historic advocacies and to reflect critically on the present/current systems that are preventing access to Gender Recognition and gender-affirming Healthcare. This initiative will also be rolled out in the other Wards falling under the auspices of George Municipality.

The George Municipality wished to acknowledge the following stakeholders who all played a vital role in the success of the programme which reached about 125 persons during the two days. They are the Department of Labour and Employment, Social Health and Empowerment, ABSA bank, National Youth Development Agency (NYDA), George Municipality’s HIV/Aids Subsection and Youth Development.

Lawaaikamp Job readiness

Newly Installed Solar Energy Plant Energised

On the photo from left: Roland Appels (Sub-Contractor from MTDJ Projects), Thabo Yiga (Project Manager: Electrotechnical Services in the George Municipality), Cllr Nosicelo Mbethe (Portfolio Councillor for Electrotechnical Services in the George Municipality), Daniel Greeff (Deputy Director Electro for Planning & Design in the Electrotechnical Services Directorate), Bongani Mandla (Director of Electrotechnical Services in the George Municipality) and Menno Sulsters (Main Contractor from SEM Solutions Pty Ltd).

Exciting news! The Outeniqua Wastewater Treatment Works (WWTW) in Pacaltsdorp, South of George has just completed the installation of a 400-kilowatt peak (kWp) solar PV system, this is another milestone for the Municipality’s strive for energy resilience.

The energising process was witnessed by Cllr Nosicelo Mbethe, Portfolio Councillor for Electrotechnical Services on Wednesday, 30 August 2023. She was accompanied by George Municipality’s Electrotechnical Services team, Bongani Mandla the director of Electrotechnical Services, Daniel Greeff the deputy Electro for Planning & Design and Thabo Yiga the Project Manager.

Demonstrating the Successful energising process was the main contractor Menno Sulsters from SEM Solutions and local sub-contractor Roland Appels from MTDJ Projects who delivered this very exceptional project. The next phase will be the establishment of a Battery Energy Storage System. The official handover of the power plant to the municipality will be announced soon.

Demonstration of From left: Menno Sulsters (Main Contractor from SEM Solutions Pty Ltd), Daniel Greeff (Deputy Director Electro for Planning & Design in the Electrotechnical Services Directorate), Cllr Nosicelo Mbethe (Portfolio Councillor for Electrotechnical Services in the George Municipality), Thabo Yiga (Project Manager: Electrotechnical Services in the George Municipality), Bongani Mandla (Director of Electrotechnical Services in the George Municipality), and Roland Appels (Sub-Contractor from MTDJ Projects).

From left: Bongani Mandla (Director of Electrotechnical Services in the George Municipality), Cllr Nosicelo Mbethe (Portfolio Councillor for Electrotechnical Services in the George Municipality) Menno Sulsters (Main Contractor from SEM Solutions Pty Ltd), Thabo Yiga (Project Manager: Electrotechnical Services in the George Municipality), Roland Appels (Sub-Contractor from MTDJ Projects), and Daniel Greeff (Deputy Director Electro for Planning & Design in the Electrotechnical Services Directorate).

On the photo from left: Roland Appels (Sub-Contractor from MTDJ Projects), Thabo Yiga (Project Manager: Electrotechnical Services in the George Municipality), Cllr Nosicelo Mbethe (Portfolio Councillor for Electrotechnical Services in the George Municipality), Daniel Greeff (Deputy Director Electro for Planning & Design in the Electrotechnical Services Directorate), Bongani Mandla (Director of Electrotechnical Services in the George Municipality) and Menno Sulsters (Main Contractor from SEM Solutions Pty Ltd).

George Municipality’s Dynamic Women Fuzisa Nomlala

Join us today in celebrating our very own dynamic woman from the George Municipality: Fuzisa Nomlala, Plans Examiner

“I am consistently a woman of integrity, kind and supportive. A beautiful personality makes a woman special at every turn, be it at home, work or in society.” Fuzisa said.

Since October 2020 Fuzisa has been working as a Plans Examiner. Her daily duty is to scrutinise and evaluate building plan applications but is also responsible for other Building Control matters including inspections, enforcement and administration.

Fuzisa joined George Municipality in October 2018 as an Assistant Building Control Officer. Academically, she holds a Bachelor’s degree in Construction Management, National Diploma in Building Science and has just completed her Master’s degree in Town and Regional Planning.


In preparation for the roll-out of the GO GEORGE bus service to Thembalethu, a dry run through the area will take place over several days from Tuesday 29 August 2023, supported by safety, infrastructure and system planning teams.

During these drives, undertaken in the blue and green branded buses, the real time it takes to complete the various proposed routes by bus will be established and checked against the proposed timetables.

According to George Executive Mayor, Alderman Leon van Wyk, a final date for the first stage of the three-stage roll-out is still to be announced. “We know the residents in those areas are anxiously awaiting the bus service and this survey is one of the final steps in the roll-out process,” he said.



Ter voorbereiding vir die uitrol van die GO GEORGE-busdiens na Thembalethu, sal ‘n proeflopie deur die gebied oor etlike dae plaasvind vanaf Dinsdag 29 Augustus 2023, ondersteun deur veiligheid-, infrastruktuur- en stelselbeplanningspanne.

Tydens hierdie ritte, wat in die blou- en groen gemerkte busse onderneem word, sal die werklike tyd wat dit neem om die verskillende voorgestelde roetes per bus te voltooi, vasgestel word en teenoor die voorgestelde tydroosters nagegaan word.

Volgens George se uitvoerende burgemeester, raadsheer Leon van Wyk, moet ‘n finale datum vir die eerste fase van die driefase-uitrol nog aangekondig word. “Ons weet die inwoners in daardie gebiede wag angstig op die busdiens en hierdie opname is een van die laaste stappe in die uitrolproses,” het hy gesê.



Ukulungiselela ukunatyiselwa eThembalethu kwenkonzo yebhasi iGO GEORGE, kuza kwenziwa umfuziselo weehambo kulo mmandla iintsuku eziliqela ukususela ngoLwesibini umhla wama-29 Agasti 2023, mfuziselo lowo uza kuxhaswa liqela lezokhuselo, eleziseko eziluncedo nezingundoqo kunye nelesicwangciso senkqubo.

Ngethuba lalo mfuziselo wokuqhuba, oza kwenziwa kusetyenziswa iibhasi ezinombhalo ozuba kunye noluhlaza, elona xesha lithathwayo ukugqiba imizila eliqela ecetywayo ngebhasi kuza kumiselwa kwaye kukhangelwe ngokuthelekiswa nesicwangciso samaxesha esicetywayo.

NgokukaSodolophu waseGeorge, uAlderman Leon van Wyk, useza kwaziswa umhla ekugqitywe ngawo wenqanaba lokuqala kumanqanaba amathathu okunatyiswa kweenkonzo. “Siyazi ukuba abahlali kuloo mimandla bazilinde ngonxunguphalo iinkonzo zeebhasi kwaye olu phando-zimvo lolunye kumanyathelo okugqibela kwinkqubo yokunatyiswa kweenkonzo.


George Municipality’s Dynamic Women

Join us today in celebrating our very own dynamic woman from the George Municipality- Janine Wells
Manager: Traffic and Licensing

“Working in a male-dominated environment and still remaining a woman, able to juggle work, family and home, makes me unique as a woman,” Janine said.

Janine manages the Traffic Department which includes traffic law enforcement which is general traffic law enforcement, parking enforcement, training and education for creches, schools, universities, old age homes, pedestrian awareness and any other non-motorised transport mode as well as public transport which includes buses, taxis, scholar transport, freight and speed enforcement.

The Traffic Chief is also in charge of the learner and driving license section, traffic fine management, motor vehicle registration and licensing and vehicle testing.

Janine is responsible for the implementation of all relevant policies, amended legislation, and adherence to relevant municipal legislation including directives received from the National Department of Transport and the Western Cape Government: Mobility Department.

She is responsible for the development of a strategic plan and annually reviews the plan, to provide for new developments.

Community Spirit Makes Karoo to Coast a Lasting Success

On the photo: Departing the Klein Karoo, from Uniondale, the Lions Karoo to Coast takes riders via the – Wagon Trail, Price Alfred Pass and Komsepad – to Knysna, on the coast, 95-kilometres later. Photo by

Supported by the George Municipality: George, Wilderness and Uniondale Tourism Partnership 2023 

The Lions Karoo to Coast is one of South Africa’s most enduring and popular mountain bike races for a reason. Yes, the route is spectacularly beautiful. It is challenging enough to attract the most competitive of riders, while being an achievable challenge for relative newcomers to the sport.  What really makes the event so special though is that the whole community gets involved in ensuring it is a success.

From Uniondale to Knysna and all along the route, from Avontuur to De Vlugt, the community of the Lions Karoo to Coast make the race the annual festival of mountain biking it rapidly became and has always remained. In 2023 George Municipality has once again, through the tourism division George, Wilderness and Uniondale Tourism, added their expertise to the efforts, to better celebrate some of the tourism region’s less heralded towns.

“We market George, Wilderness and Uniondale to South Africa and the world,” says Tourism Manager, Joan Shaw. “Uniondale is certainly the hidden gem of the three. It boasts incredible small-town charm and warm hospitality, gives visitors a taste of the vast, arid Klein Karoo – within a 1.5-hour drive from the George and Wilderness coastlines – and is the gateway to adventures along Prince Alfred’s Pass, the Langkloof and even the Baviaanskloof.”

“For the town of Uniondale, the Lions Karoo to Coast is a massive event; it brings thousands of cyclists to the town,” Shaw continues. “Every B&B is fully booked and the restaurants are full. The supermarkets are busy too and all manner of tourism affiliated businesses thrive. For the participants and their families, Uniondale, Avontuur, De Vlugt and the rest of the route do everything they can to make the race a memorable one. From manning water points and marshalling the route, to cheering on every rider as they pass by, the community makes the Lions Karoo to Coast.  By entering the Lions Karoo to Coast, you can give yourself a pat yourself on the back for being a part of this amazing, charitable experience where you will have directly impacted the livelihoods of people living in a really small ‘dorpie’.  Nowhere else in South Africa will you encounter a MTB race with a heart as big as the Lions Karoo to Coast, and you can be a part of that.”

The event, which was founded by the Lions of Knysna and Uniondale in 1999, has always had a charitable mission. Having risen to Helen Keller’s challenge to Lions Clubs globally to become Knights of the Blind the Knysna and Uniondale chapters have channelled the funds raised though the race to local charities. This has helped many individuals with visual impairments. Some of the practical interventions and operations the event has funded include 5 824 cataract operations, in the Southern Cape region; 66 guide dogs puppies donated through South African Guide Dog Association; the sponsorship of 20 cornea grafts; and an average of 300 pairs of spectacles every year, through the Operation Brightsight division of Lions.

Another aspect of the Lions Karoo to Coast is the entries which the Lions of Knysna and Uniondale sponsor to cyclists from communities along the route. The most famous of these riders is John Ketchen, of De Vlugt. He has ridden each of the 23 editions of the race, since its inaugural edition in 1999. Ketchen rode the first edition as a 24-year-old, and now, at the age of 47, is proud to have never missed a race; regardless of how sick he was or how bad the weather was.

“The highlight for me is always the vibe and meeting new people,” Ketchen explained. “The old ox wagon trail, leaving Uniondale, is always the toughest part of the race. I’m always in a late start group and there are so many bikes on that narrow section of road.”

As one can imagine, Ketchen has a story or two to tell from his 23-year history with the race. “After the second race, in 2000, I had to take a bus back from Knysna, via the Outeniqua Pass, back to Uniondale. The bus overheated a couple of times before finally breaking down at Harold,” he retold. “We didn’t have much choice, so another cyclist and I decided to ride home. It was already dark when we started the approximately 70-kilometre cycle back to De Vlugt. We were both very tired and about 7 kilometres from home I fell asleep on my bicycle and rode into a bush! I’d never thought it was possible to fall asleep while cycling, but apparently, it can happen.”

When asked what he’s found as the essentials to take with him during the Lions Karoo to Coast he replied: “Faith in God and yourself, plus a couple of Rennie’s for the cramps!” Ketchen’s favourite section of the route is the downhill to De Vlugt on the Prince Alfred Pass. The fastest speed he ever reached on that 15-kilometre-long downhill was nearly 100 kilometres per hour.

When asked when he would hang up his bike Ketchen smiled. “I’ve ridden the Lions Karoo to Coast with my wife and my son. But I’d love to do it with my daughter. She will only be 18, and eligible to ride, in 5 years’ time. So, I have a few more Lions Karoo to Coasts in me still.”

The 2023 Lions Karoo to Coast is set to be more festive than ever. “The Springboks play Ireland in what should be the key match for us in the pool stages of the Rugby World Cup on Saturday night, before the race,” Race Director Zandile Meneses pointed out. “The Showgrounds bar will have live coverage of the match. There’s always a festival atmosphere when there’s rugby on during registration, but I suspect this year might be more intense than usual.”

“We’re also improving the e-Bike riders’ experience this year, so that they can enjoy the Lions Karoo to Coast without the worry of running out of battery power,” Meneses confirmed. “e-Bike riders can bring a spare, fully charged, battery to registration in Uniondale.  e-Bikers should note that this service is only available until 06:15 on Sunday morning, as the truck needs to leave for Buffelsnek before the race starts.”

“These spare batteries will be transported to the Squirt Cycling Products e-Bike Lubrication Station gazebo at Buffelsnek, where riders will be able to swap out their depleted batteries for the final 36 kilometres. For more information on the e-Bike Battery Management regulations please see the Lions Karoo to Coast race rules.”

“We’re really looking forward to hosting the Lions Karoo to Coast Riders in Uniondale on the 24th of September. Entries close on the 5th of September and substitutions are currently open. Substitutions can be done on the race website and close at the end of August.”

To enter the 2023 Lions Karoo to Coast visit


2023 Lions Karoo to Coast
Race Date: 24 September 2023
Entries Close: 5 September 2023
Entry Fee: R720 per person (Including dinner in Uniondale)
Registration & Start: Uniondale Show Grounds
Finish: Knysna High School Sports Fields
Facebook: Karoo to Coast
Instagram: @karoo2coast
Twitter: @karootocoast

Photo Captions and Credits:

Founded by the Lions of Uniondale and Knysna the Lions Karoo to Coast brings the communities along the route together through the race’s focus on raising funds for charity. Photo by
The beauty of the Prince Alfred Pass, as it bisects the magnificent Outeniqua Mountains, brings riders back year after year, to take part in the Lions Karoo to Coast. Photo by



The event also serves as a vehicle for private fundraising, like that conducted for the Avontuur Primary School by the Camargue Group. Photo by Oakpics.comJohn Ketchen, who has ridden every edition of the Lions Karoo to Coast, reflects on some of his fondest memories from the last 23 years. Photo supplied
Departing the Klein Karoo, from Uniondale, the Lions Karoo to Coast takes riders via the – Wagon Trail, Price Alfred Pass and Komsepad – to Knysna, on the coast, 95-kilometres later. Photo by
Buffelsnek, 59-kilometres into the race, will feature the Squirt Cycling Products Lubrication Station and will host the e-Bike battery change station, for those e-Bikers who hand in a spare battery at registration. Photo by
Lions Karoo to Coast is a family-friendly event, so bring yours along to cheer you on and support the host towns. Photo by

To download the high-resolution versions of these images, click here.

For more information about the Lions Karoo to Coast please visit or contact Zandile Meneses on 082 851 3622 or via email at

About George

George is situated in the Western Cape province of South Africa and is set in the very centre of the magnificent Garden Route. ‘George’ spans all the way from Herolds Bay to Uniondale to Wilderness. It has exceptional natural surroundings – oceans, mountains, waterways, forests, and farmlands – making it a paradise for outdoor and nature enthusiasts. George is known for its premier golf courses, pristine beaches, arts, culture, and history as well as wining and dining, and adrenalin-fuelled adventures and trails. The temperate climate, outstanding tourism offerings and national airport make it a sought-after destination for leisure and holidays. Plan your stay and find out more at

Food Gardens Project offers gardening training to the youth

On Wednesday 16 August 2023, the Food Gardens Project embarked on a youth training programme in gardening. The Training took place at the Community Gardens of the New Dawn Park Creche in Pacaltsdorp

The programme aims to get young people, with risky behaviour, back into the education system and assist those who dropped out early. The programme also aims to address gangster behaviour and drug abuse amongst the youth.

The programme was facilitated by Jonathan Fortuin who co-ordinates the Household food gardens Project within the Municipality.

Food Gardens Project embarked on a youth training programme in gardening

The programme aims to get young people, with risky behaviour, back into the education system and assist those who dropped out early

New outdoor gym equipment officially opened in Conville

On the photo from left: Cllr Brendon Adams (Portfolio Councillor for Community Services: Social Development, Libraries and Sport who is also the Councillor for Ward 17), Cllr Jean Safers (Portfolio Councillor for Community Services: Parks, Refuse & Environment, Sivuyile Mtila (Senior Manager for Environmental Services), Nosidima Vumindaba (Manager for Parks and Recreation), and Raphael Goeieman (Ward Committee member for War 17).

The George Municipality officially opened new outdoor gym equipment that is situated in a play park at Suikerbekkie Street, in Ward 17, Conville which was donated by the National Department of Sports, Arts, and Culture (DSAC) as part of its roll-out for the 2022/23 and 2024/25 financial years. George is one of more than 70 recipients of outdoor gyms nationally.

The Portfolio Councillor (Cllr) for Community Services: Parks, Refuse & Environment Jean Safers, accompanied by the Portfolio Councillor for Community Services: Social Development, Libraries and Sport Brendon Adams who is also the Councillor for Ward 17 handed over the gym equipment on 11 August 2023. Also, present were George Municipality’s Senior Manager for Environmental Services Sivuyile Mtila and Manager for Parks and Recreation Nosidima Vumindaba.

Cllr Safers thanked the representatives of DSAC for their generous donation. “This donation will make a significant difference to all residents living in this ward. By working together, we are bringing tangible benefits and changes to adults and children alike with initiatives such as these. Our children and youth need such options that aid in boosting physical activity,” Councillor Safers said. “Intergovernmental initiatives such as these are what is needed to help obliterate social ills amongst the youth and hopes to see many collaborative efforts in the future.”

The Councillors and officials that attended the handover treated the approximately 40 children that were cheerfully playing in the park with a demonstration on how to use the gym equipment, and Ward Councillor Adams also gave each of the children a pack of chips. Theo Arries one of the citizens who lives with a disability came to witness the official opening of the new gym equipment and said he’s excited that he has a place that he can comfortably use for exercising.

In a written handover document of the DSAC, the department indicated that the donation of the gym equipment is inspired by the National Development Plan (NDP) recognition of the importance of sport and recreation as tools to promote wellness and social cohesion. The Strategic objectives of DSAC aim to create an enabling environment for communities across the country by availing adequate facilities for basic exercise and sporting activities.

Please watch the demonstration of the use of the outdoor Gym equipment:

The George Municipality officially opened new outdoor gym equipment that is situated in a play park in Conville

Theo Arries one of the citizens who came to witness the official opening of the new gym equipment

From left: Sivuyile Mtila (Senior Manager for Environmental Services), Nosidima Vumindaba (Manager for Parks and Recreation), Cllr Brendon Adams (Portfolio Councillor for Community Services: Social Development, Libraries and Sport who is also the Councillor for Ward 17), and Cllr Jean Safers (Portfolio Councillor for Community Services: Parks, Refuse & Environment).


George Municipality’s Dynamic Women- Grace Notshokovu

Join us today in celebrating our very own dynamic woman from the George Municipality- Grace Notshokovu, Project Coordinator: Street Cleansing

Grace plans, organises, coordinates, and directs waste management programmes or long-term projects in the Cleansing and Environmental department. She usually spearheads the cleaning of illegal dumping sites with the help of other officials, volunteers from the community and other state departments.

Some of Grace’s duties include inspecting waste/ dumping sites, storage containers and facilities, characterizing waste, and documentation of solid, liquid, hazardous, and/or mixed waste. “All in all, part of my job is to ensure that the community’s needs are met for service delivery,” Grace explained.

“What makes me, and being a woman, special is being a mother, which has given me the ability of being selfless,” Grace said

George Municipal Community Safety takes fire safety to ECDs

On the photos are some of the principals of different ECD centres.
Front row: Zukiswa Nkone, Vuyelwa Pityana, Neziswa Moyakhe, Nikelwa Mafalala, Lemise April, and Charlene Engelbrecht.
Back row: Nomawabo Poti, Nozibele Maqabanga, Nompumelelo Mkhonqo, Noxolo Peterson Julia Futha, Asive Dobela, Wildene Borcherds, Nozipho Ngqoshana, Pascal Joseph, Zimasa Ndoni, Nolindelo Tembiso, Wandiswa Nkonjane, Liesel Joseph, Diana Maart, Rosemarie Mehlo, and Rachel Tamboer

The George Municipal Community Development Unit hosted a Fire Safety Workshop at Lawaaikamp with the principals of the various Early Childhood Development Centres (ECDs) in George on Friday, 28 July 2023.

The Workshop was aimed at equipping the Early Childhood Development (ECD) Centres on how to be fire-safe at school and on how to evacuate when their workplace is on Fire. The acronym, ECD refers to children aged from birth to nine years old. An ECD centre can be a crèche, a daycare centre for young children, a playgroup, or a preschool or after-school care facility.

According to Sophia Fanelo, the George Municipality’s Community Development Manager, the principals of the ECDs were taught practical fire safety and prevention skills such as evacuation floor plan utilisation, crawling under the smoke, stop drop and roll exercises and how to use Fire extinguishers. Ms Fanelo reflected that the training was successful and that the participation of the trainees was positive.

The George Municipality’s Dynamic Women- Tahseen Raiman

Dear all,

Join us today in celebrating our very own dynamic woman from the George Municipality- Tahseen Raiman
Civil Engineering Services, Manager: Water Distribution (middle management category)
Tahseen is middle management and is relatively new to the George Municipality. Her job is to ensure the efficient running of the Water Distribution Section so that all residents of George Municipality receive potable, clean drinking water.

Part of her job is to make strategic corporate decisions as a member of the Strategic Management Team representing the Civil Engineering Directorate. She is involved in devising new policies, decision-making and in financial and functional planning.

Tahseen manages, controls and co-ordinates all the key performance areas related to the water distribution network within the jurisdiction of the George Municipality in order to comply with the National Standards prescribed by South African Bureau of Standards and enforced by the applicable National Departments (Departments of Water Affairs and National Treasury).

“What makes me special is being a problem solver and proactive in my field,” Tahseen said

A joint outreach with Police encourages healthy lifestyles to people living on the streets

On the photo from left to right: Janine Adams (Department Social Service), Constable Louw, Sergeant Hendricks and Estelle Fredericks (George Municipality).

The George Municipality’s Community Development team in conjunction with the Provincial South African Police Service took to the streets of George to reach out to People Living on the Streets (PLOTS).

This was a Provincial SAPS initiative in collaboration with the Municipal Community Development team, that comprised an information session with Women living on the streets who were supplied with toiletries as an additional treat. The Municipality gave toiletries to the ladies and prepared catering for the day.

The information session was aimed at creating awareness of Healthy Lifestyles as well as sharing and demonstrating self-defence lessons to the women who are alone on the streets, most often with no recourse to personal safety.

The information session took place on 28 July 2023 at the George Police Station in the Heatherlands. Women living on the street were also motivated to leave the street life and go home.

Recipients of toiletries George Police Station

South Africa’s Internal Auditor of the Year Award brought home to George

Caption: CAE JP Rossouw was presented with the National Internal Auditor of the Year Award by on his left, Arlene-Lynn Volmink (CEO of the IIASA) and on his left, Tshepo Mofokeng (Chairman of the IIASA Board) at the IIASA Gala Dinner held in Johannesburg this week.

George Municipality’s Chief Audit Executive (CAE), Mr. Jean-Pierre Rossouw, has been announced this week as the recipient of the coveted National Award for Internal Auditor of the Year for 2023 in South Africa, along with the Excellence in Internal Audit (Public Sector) Award. These prestigious accolades were presented to Mr Rossouw by the Institute of Internal Auditors South Africa (IIASA) at a Gala Dinner held in Johannesburg on August 15th.

Mr Rossouw was nominated for these prestigious awards based on stringent criteria. His ability to demonstrate exponential growth and a deep understanding of internal auditing processes, while consistently adding value to the department, as well as his embodiment of high-level integrity and the promotion of ethical conduct, were among the key factors considered. IIASA, a professional body and a part of the international network representing the interests of internal auditors globally, annually hosts these awards with the aim of recognizing and rewarding excellence and professionalism in internal audit. The awards encompass both the public and private sectors, including the banking industry.

Caption: Chief Audit Executive for George Municipality, JP Rossouw proudly displays his awards.

In addition to the strict criteria for each award category, recipients are selected based on their ability to exhibit exponential growth and a profound understanding of internal auditing processes. They are recognized by their peers as exceptional professionals, standing out for their unwavering dedication to the profession and consistent display of passion. Their track record should reflect trailblazing, innovation, mentorship, diversity advocacy, and being a game changer.

This achievement marks a significant milestone for the young professional, as well as for George Municipality, which receives national recognition for its outstanding work in this specialized field. Mr. Rossouw’s exceptional growth in the internal audit profession and the significant impact he has made within the organizations he has served, including George Municipality, are noteworthy.

Dr Michele Gratz, Municipal Manager, congratulated Mr Rossouw on his remarkable achievements, stating, “George Municipality takes immense pride in having JP as a part of our management team. His outstanding performance within a short span of time has set a benchmark for internal auditing within the province. These accolades are a testament to his dedication and expertise. This recognition underscores the commitment to excellence within George Municipality and the broader field of internal auditing, “ she said.


Municipal Woman’s Month Campaign– My Inspirational Woman

The month of August is dedicated to celebrating women all over the world and at the George Municipality we would like to celebrate the phenomenal women who are an inspiration to their colleagues.

This week we celebrate Geraldine Joy Wolmarans, Refuse Removal Assistant, nominated by Debra Sauer, Communications Officer at George Municipality.

“As a woman, I celebrate my individuality, I’m unique, there is only one of me…. there is only one blueprint of me. Whatever I want in life, I go for it and that is what makes me so unique as a woman. The fact that I can also do a man’s job means any woman can do it, so I’m actually a beacon for women out there so they can see whatever they want to do, they CAN do”, Geraldine said.

Geraldine, also known as Joy to her colleagues, removes refuse from homes and businesses. She does a job that has previously been seen exclusively as a man’s job.

Geraldine and 3 other women made history in 2022 when they were the first women appointed at George Municipality as refuse collectors.  “I pick up refuse bags, hook the wheelie bins on the refuse truck and hang them onto the truck, just like the men do,” Geraldine said. She says she is in service of the public, but her job is exciting and fun.

“I’m a fitness fanatic and do my squats while picking up bags. I’ve worked in an office before, but I wouldn’t trade my current job for an office job, I love my job! Squatting assists me in not hurting myself when I pick up a heavy bag.

Geraldine says safety is most important in her job. They take care not to injure themselves and everyone gets a turn to operate the machines at the back of the refuse trucks. She previously worked in the government’s Expanded Public Works Programme (EPWP) at the George Municipality.

To commemorate our own inspirational women within the municipality, we invite all officials from all departments to nominate a female colleague who is inspirational to you – tell us what makes this person so special. Please send us a description of what this person means to you (100 -150 words maximum and a recent photograph).

You can send your nomination anonymously or proudly state who you are and why you have chosen your nominee. The ‘My Inspirational Woman’ and her story will then be shared with all officials!

Please email your story to

Deadline for Nominees: Nominate your Inspirational Female Colleague for next week by Wednesday 23 August 2023.

You cannot lead, if you cannot follow- Thuli Madonsela

Demolition started on Pacaltsdorp Pavilion

The demolition of the unsafe pavilion at the Pacaltsdorp Sportgrounds has officially started this week. The existing pavilion roof was deemed dangerous and a decision was taken earlier this year to remove and completely replace the structure.

The demolition of the existing structure will be quite complex, requiring specialised equipment and skill, with a portion of the back brick wall and a large concrete beam also having to be demolished and rebuilt. The current structure was not galvanised, whereas the proposed new structure will be hot-dip galvanised to ensure a longer service life. The hot-dip galvanising process also adds to the lead time.

The pavilion remains closed for the duration of construction.

The Rosemore Fan Park Reaches It’s Peak

Wednesday was an incredible day for sport in Rosemore, George. Schools from across George were invited to attend the Netball Fan Park’s school tournament which started on 2 August and was scheduled to finish today 4 August.
School and George Club Tournaments Postponed

Regrettably, due to transport challenges, the school final playoffs as well as the George Social Clubs tournament scheduled for this weekend have been postponed. We will be sending out communication on newly selected dates for both tournaments on all our platforms, so please keep an eye on our social platforms.

Live Viewing remains open
The Fan Park remains open for live viewing of the 2023 Netball World Cup at Rosemore Stadium. Pop in to watch the final games and join us for the Closing Ceremony on Sunday at 14h00.

To catch a view of some of the Netball action from earlier this week, click


The George Municipality’s Dynamic Women

Join us today in celebrating our very own dynamic woman from the George Municipality- Mrs Lauren Waring:Director: Planning, Human Settlements and Development

Lauren served as the Municipal Manager, as well as Director: Community Services and Director: Planning and Development at Knysna Municipality between 2006 and 2014; and as Executive Director: Planning and Development at Drakenstein Municipality from 2016 to 2021. Lauren has vast leadership experience in local government, honed over many years at municipal level. Her passion for land and development was ignited during her first appointment at the Regional Land Claims Commission: Western Cape.

With extensive management and strategic leadership experience, Lauren has consulted government, private sector and non-profits on a broad range of projects and held positions on various Boards.

Lauren holds a Masters in Town and Regional Planning from the University of Stellenbosch amongst various other tertiary qualifications.

Lauren has a nineteen-year-old daughter, Nina, and enjoys hiking, reading and the arts.